The mission at New Relic has always been to empower engineers with a data-driven approach to planning, building, deploying, and running great software. 

To accomplish our mission, we knew it required an observability platform where application security tools and practices were native to the platform and helped DevOps deliver superior outcomes.

Today, New Relic is setting the industry standard for observable application security with the introduction of the Secure Developer Alliance.

The Secure Developer Alliance is a groundbreaking new coalition with industry leaders that include Gigamon, Lacework, FOSSA, Aviatrix, and Opus. The alliance provides customers with a best-of-platform approach and pragmatic research, education, and guidance to implementing observable application security.

Together, we aim to ensure that observable application security delivers the value to customers that it promises through best-of-breed tools, research, education, and guidance.

At New Relic, we define observable application security as the use of full-stack observability data and security telemetry that reduces build time and runtime application risks. A key facet of observable application security is that it reduces application risks without the negative impact on developer productivity and software release velocity caused by legacy application security tools and practices.

The message from developers is clear: they don’t need more security tools that generate useless alerts, kill developer time by forcing them to fix vulnerabilities that don’t need to be fixed, lack insights into runtime impact and exploitability, and prevent them from being autonomous. Conversely, business executives are demanding more innovation that drives competitive differentiation and accelerated business growth.

The Secure Developer Alliance changes that with best-of-breed tools and education for DevOps who own the security and customer experience of the code they deliver, enabling them to meet both productivity and business objectives.