HCP Vault is a fully managed implementation of Vault that’s operated by HashiCorp, allowing organizations to get Vault up and running quickly. HCP Vault compiles audit log data and performance metrics from your HCP Vault cluster to provide users with both security and operational insights that can help better inform management decisions.

Effective monitoring of HCP Vault is crucial for organizations managing sensitive data and secrets. New Relic offers a robust solution to enhance the security and performance of HCP Vault through comprehensive monitoring and observability.

New Relic's monitoring capabilities combined with HCP Vault creates a powerful synergy for organizations seeking to elevate their secrets management on HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP). Real-time insights, comprehensive observability, and dynamic alerting empower teams to uphold the highest standards of security and performance.

Real-time visibility for immediate action

Gain immediate insights to address potential issues promptly, ensuring a resilient secrets management infrastructure. With New Relic’s end-to-end observability across the entire HCP Vault environment, your teams can monitor and correlate metrics and logs, providing a holistic understanding of Vault operations to identify bottlenecks and optimize processes. Additionally, you can create your own customizable dashboards tailored to your specific Vault monitoring needs that provide at-a-glance insights into key performance indicators (KPIs), system health, and security metrics.

New Relic enables dynamic alerting based on configurable thresholds and allows teams to address security incidents, performance degradation, or deviations from established norms before they escalate.

HPC Vault metrics overview dashboard
Token related metrics dashboard screenshot


Scalability and risk mitigation

Metrics such as CPU, memory, and disk utilization can help you more accurately determine whether your cluster has sufficient capacity to write Vault secrets. You can track your authentication requests to ensure your cluster is adequately provisioned and look for any sudden spikes that may suggest suspicious activity. Vaults token usage metrics will show you usage patterns and identify anomalous activity.

HPC Vault runtime metrics screenshot


HCP Vault, coupled with New Relic monitoring capabilities, plays a crucial role in facilitating compliance efforts for organizations determined to maintain secure access to their applications. New Relic provides visibility into authentication attempts, authorization, changes made to secrets or configurations, and access-control activities. Detailed logs visualized by New Relic enable organizations to trace back any unauthorized access or unauthorized changes to sensitive data, aiding in compliance audits and investigations.

Organizations can leverage New Relic to monitor and audit all interactions with HCP Vault, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies.