In the high-octane realm of software development, ensuring application security isn’t just an advantage—it’s an imperative. While traditional stalwarts like static application security testing (SAST) and dynamic application security testing (DAST) have held the fort for years, today's dynamic software landscape calls for a more intuitive, real-time approach. Enter: interactive application security testing (IAST).

What is IAST?

Imagine if, in the expansive world of software, you had a guardian that not only watched over your application as it ran but also actively interacted with it, pinpointing vulnerabilities in real time. Welcome to IAST. It's more than just another testing method; it's like granting your application an innate sense of self-awareness. By working from the inside, IAST harnesses the context and user interactions of your software, unveiling potential security gaps while the action unfolds.

Discover what New Relic IAST brings to the table.
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New Relic Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)
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The argument for IAST

In our rapidly digitizing world, static security solutions can't keep up. They often stumble amidst modern applications' dynamic rhythm, resulting in a maze of false alarms and overlooked vulnerabilities. This is where IAST shines, cutting through the noise and offering crystal clear insights.

Key benefits of IAST

IAST offers several compelling advantages over traditional security testing methodologies:

  • Real-time vulnerability detection: IAST operates in real time, drastically reducing the detection-to-resolution time for vulnerabilities.
  • Better accuracy: With a blend of static and dynamic analyses, IAST eliminates false alarms, zoning in on genuine threats.
  • Insight into the flow and behavior of applications: Observing an application’s natural behavior during runtime, IAST unearths vulnerabilities often missed in static analysis.
  • Effective in complex environments: IAST is tailor-made for today’s intricate tech environments, be it microservices or sophisticated web services.

IAST use cases

IAST has broad applicability across various stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), including:

  • Quality assurance: Pinpoint vulnerabilities during testing, ensuring a cleaner, safer production launch.
  • Production monitoring: Even post-deployment, IAST remains vigilant, offering real-time insights into potential exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • CI/CD pipeline integration: Infuse IAST into your CI/CD pipeline for automatic vulnerability checks with every code commit.

How to implement IAST into your software development workflow

Implementing IAST involves several steps:

  • Tool selection: Align your IAST tool choice with your application's architecture and your organization's unique needs.
  • Integration: Seamlessly blend IAST into every phase of your SDLC for an uninterrupted development flow.
  • Team onboarding: Equip your squad with the knowledge to harness IAST’s potential, from understanding alerts to acting on them.
  • Stay alert: Continuously monitor IAST outcomes to ensure prompt vulnerability redressal.

The future of application security with IAST

Application security is no longer a luxury—it's a lifeline. And as the challenges grow, IAST—especially with the power of AI and machine learning—is poised to become the gold standard. New Relic, at the intersection of performance and security, brings its own spin to IAST. Integrated within our platform, New Relic IAST is a beacon for organizations aiming for impeccable software quality and uncompromised security.


How does IAST differ from other security testing methods like SAST and DAST?

IAST bridges the gaps left by SAST and DAST, offering real-time, in-depth vulnerability insights right from within the running application.

Can IAST be used in production environments?

Absolutely. IAST is engineered to work seamlessly in live environments without any performance lag.

What types of vulnerabilities can IAST detect?

From SQL Injections and XSS to intricate business-logic vulnerabilities, IAST's scope is broad and deep.

How can tools like New Relic IAST enhance application security?

New Relic IAST is an integral part of a leading observability platform. Coupled with our real-time monitoring prowess, it ensures an airtight security fabric around your software assets.