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New Relic Expert Services

Schedule A: Solution Offering Terms: Tool Consolidation- Synthetics


The following tasks are included as part of this New Relic Tools Consolidation Synthetics Package:

a)    Script Creation or Migration for Synthetics

New Relic will assist Customer to create or migrate up to forty (40) scripts, with a maximum of five (5) steps each, for use with New Relic Synthetics or in migrating Customer scripts from Customer’s existing synthetics provider to New Relic Synthetics, as applicable. New Relic will assist the Customer to: define scope, create, and test the scripts. The requirements and specifications associated with such Expert Services shall be detailed in a subsequently prepared scope of work or project plan.

b)    Dashboard Assistance

Based upon the assistance provided by New Relic in task (a) above, New Relic will assist Customer to build up to three (3) custom dashboards, with up to six (6) widgets per dashboard, that are designed for Customer’s use with the New Relic Insights.

c)    Training and Best Practices

New Relic will provide Customer with up to four (4) hours of training and best practices designed to enable the Customer’s users to retain the benefits obtained from this package and to optimize its transition to or use of New Relic Synthetics.

d)    Private Minion Deployment

New Relic will assist Customer with the installation and configuration of one (1) private minion on supported platforms.