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Uptime is Everything: The True Cost and Common Causes of Digital Commerce Downtime


When the average cost of downtime runs in the thousands every second, application and systems uptime is essential. Yet infrastructure complexity often prevents teams from recovering quickly and efficiently. The tools tell them what happened, but don’t offer context into why. 

Watch our ecommerce experts from Ultra Commerce; Paul McClure, Chief Revenue Officer, and Brad Turnbull, Principal Solutions Architect, for a practical webinar where we’ll help you understand and measure the hard costs of digital downtime, the common causes of it and the metrics and data that matter, so you can go beyond knowing what went wrong, start knowing why, and learn how to best architect for availability.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn:

  • The true cost of downtime (short and long term) 
  • The common causes of downtime (planned and unplanned)
  • The barriers to reliability and fast (smart) recovery
  • The metrics (and data) that matter to make better decisions
  • How to architect (and test) for availability by being predictive