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How to De-Risk your Cloud Migration (APAC)



Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how to de-risk your cloud migration

Forrester’s recent Total Economic Impact Study of the New Relic Platform for Cloud Migration and Optimisation shows over 90% savings in deployment of applications to the cloud and 50% reduction of cloud cost.

Now, more than ever, organisations are asking for our help in developing strategies to accelerate, track and de-risk their cloud migrations. 

Watch New Relic Cloud Solutions Engineer Max Bausher and AWS Cloud Transformation Architect Sean Hooper as they demonstrate tools and TCO analysis for live tracking of critical workload migrations, show you how by mapping application dependencies before cloud migration, errors and outages are avoided, and discuss how MTTR is reduced and code deployment accelerated. 

Watch the webinar and learn how to:

  • Integrate New Relic into source and target environments of a cloud migration

  • Configure and track workload migration status and the performance impacts to app-tier

  • Build confidence with real-time reporting of business case and cash flow analysis 

  • De-risk migrations with application and infrastructure dependency mapping and baselining

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