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Has your service availability become a matter of life and death?


For many businesses today, the availability, scalability and performance of their services has become a matter of life and death.

Availability has always been critical for emergency services, medical applications and safety systems but recent events have increased the world’s reliance on digital services. Services that were just a matter of convenience are now essential to protecting the health and well being of our population.

During this webinar, technical and business experts from New Relic and Fullstaq will explore some high profile examples of where traditional critical systems have failed in the past to:

  • Understand what went wrong and the full potential impact of failure

  • Uncover why failures occurred and why traditional monitoring wasn’t enough

  • Explore what could have been done differently to prevent or resolve these failures faster.

Then, using real world examples, they will look at how delivering today's critical services demands a shift towards a comprehensive observability strategy, and what it takes to get there.

Watch this webinar to learn how observability is bringing service availability to new heights, whatever the industry.

About Fullstaq

With broad experience ranging from working for small companies to large multinationals, Fullstaq is completely infrastructure agnostic and specialises in the fields of open source, DevOps, cloud native and high-traffic web hosting. Fullstaq uses its broad expertise to help customers tackle complex technology problems. It thrives by going beyond the services most traditional infrastructure vendors offer and working closely together with software development teams to integrate the DevOps mentality, toolstack and best practices.