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Improve Backend Application Performance: Part 2



Improve Backend Application Performance: Part 2

Have you or your team found yourselves in one, or several, of the following situations?

Part II:

  • Moving to highly distributed systems and microservices has introduced even more complex dependencies when it comes to troubleshooting

  • It’s difficult to correlate applications and the underlying infrastructure, especially after a move to a public cloud

  • Maybe you do have visibility over performance but teams (dev, ITOps, business) are siloed and sharing data to make informed decisions is a challenge.

This introductory best practices webinar will help you understand how New Relic can be used to tackle those challenges. The webinar is scenario-driven - each situation described above represents a different scenario that will be demonstrated in the 30 minute session exploring APM (Distributed Tracing) and introduces Infrastructure, Logs and Insights. 

By the end of the webinar, you will have gained an understanding of how New Relic One’s Observability platform can help you improve backend application performance.