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Deeper Than Digital

Top-performing enterprises show why more perfect software is key to success

More Perfect Software is dynamic and resilient enough to deliver outstanding customer experiences. And we believe delivering it requires your company to meet five imperatives—from running software and systems in the cloud to employing chaos testing and automated remediation to mastering observability. 

Download our ebook to learn how the More Perfect Software Leaders uncovered in our global research deliver against those imperatives, and the business benefits that result. You’ll find out:

  • That 78% of leaders learn of software and service interruptions from observability solutions, whereas almost half of laggards find out from customer complaints

  • The significant difference in major software and systems outages per month between leaders and laggards

  • How most leaders but only about a third of laggards say their culture and observability technology allows developers to make quick decisions, without fear of repercussions

Download our ebook today and start your journey to becoming a More Perfect Software Leader.

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