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New Relic Serverless for AWS Lambda

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A single view for all your AWS Lambda function performances

Monitor, visualize, troubleshoot, and alert on all your Lambda functions in a single experience. 

  • Monitor overall activity across your entities and then drill into specific functions in the friendly UI that contains AWS Lambda-specific data like throughput, error rate, and more.

  • See detailed telemetry about the function execution as well as the data about connected components (like other AWS services)—and then dive deeper into those components affecting AWS Lambda executions through New Relic Distributed Tracing, all at very high cardinality, allowing you to find even uncommon issues

  • Observe all your event data along with spans (e.g., external service and external HTTP requests, code execution, database queries etc.), stack traces, error data, invocation source data, and other relevant information

Visibility across your entire estate

From traditional monoliths to microservices and serverless components, keep your entire array of cloud services in view. 

  • With access to a comprehensive dataset, you can determine if a function is behaving inconsistent with expectations—and then drill in to troubleshoot any problems with a specific request 

  • View tracing for your legacy application components alongside the performance of all your new, modern services and components—from backend infrastructure to client-side apps

Scale serverless applications without worry

With real-time dynamic views across your entire stack, you can manage and maintain your services with stability—no matter how quickly or how often your applications grow and change. 


Capture and visualize your data without writing new code

We offer lightweight libraries that provide a similar plug-and-play experience that New Relic APM agents provide. This ability to auto-instrument code means you do not need to write any additional code to capture key health data, errors, or events for your Lambda functions.

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Curated entity overview

See each instance type in a single view, including information and inventory from all AWS accounts and regions.


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Fast error analysis

View all the errors that occurred in an AWS Lambda function and quickly analyze all the details and error traces.


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Detailed invocation metrics at high cardinality

We capture data for every invocation, creating very high cardinality metrics so you can analyze function performance even at the 99.99th percentile.

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Rich individual invocation data

Filter and facet via a complex set of attributes in milliseconds, then drill into individual invocations.

Capture specific business KPIs

Send custom metrics or events and tag their function invocations with attributes to connect your performance data to your business.


Build custom alerts

Build alerts based on any invocation criteria using the powerful New Relic platform.

Collect and correlate all your data in one place

New Relic One gives you unified observability for all your systems from one open, connected, and programmable platform.


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Monitor, visualize, troubleshoot, and alert on your AWS Lambda functions with New Relic Serverless.

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