New Relic Mobile Pricing

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Per month, per app
100k monthly active users included.

Annually Monthly

The free Lite tier will begin after your 30-day trial ends.

  • Unlimited Data Retention
  • Unlimited New Relic Users
  • Crash Traces, Trails, and Network Errors
  • App Version, Device, and HTTP Reports
  • Premium Support
  • High Security Mode

Advanced Performance Analytics
Combine user engagement with mobile performance and crash data for insight into real-user experience.

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Mobile Key Features  
Mobile Summary and Performance Metrics
Crash Reports, Traces and Interaction Trails
User Interactions and Traces
Network and HTTP Metrics and Errors
Geographic and Device Performance
New Relic Platform
Customizable Dashboards
New Relic Data APIs
Alerting Integrations: PagerDuty, Slack, etc.
Service Topology Maps
Ticketing Integrations: JIRA, Pivotal, etc.
Multi-account Management
SSO/SAML Integration
Additional Capabilities
Unlimited New Relic Users
SOC 2 Audited Service
Performance SLAs


How does New Relic define a user?

A user is defined as any individual that connects to your app from a single device. Each unique device is considered as a unique user. For example, if one person is using your app on four different devices, that's considered four different users.

What if I don't know my typical monthly usage?

That’s okay. If you don't know at first, we’ll put you on a base plan. At the start of the next month, we'll run a report to analyze your previous month's usage. If there's an overage, an Account Manager will contact you with options to meet your needs.

Is it possible to increase the number of users?

Yes, you can purchase additional "user blocks" that will increase the number of users for your subscription. Each block has a pre-defined number of users, and you can increase or decrease user blocks depending on your needs. Contact a sales representative to get pricing for user blocks.

If my user base dramatically increases during the month, will that affect my New Relic service?

You'll have a one-month grace period to upgrade to enough user blocks. Your service will continue uninterrupted in the meantime.

How does the subscription plan work?

Annual Billing (Best Price) — We charge your credit card every month based on your plan, at a discounted rate. You can increase your license of purchased units at any time and charges will adjust with the next monthly bill. Your account will automatically renew at the end of the year unless you change your subscription. If you cancel prior to the end of your annual subscription, you will be charged a penalty.

Monthly Host Billing (Flexible Commitment) — We charge your credit card each month based on your plan, at the retail rate. You can change this number at any time and we’ll adjust with your next monthly bill accordingly. You can cancel service or downgrade to a lower level of service without penalty. Your account will automatically renew each month unless you change your subscription.

Can I try New Relic Mobile before I buy it?

Yes. You'll receive a unique New Relic SDK after creating an account. Once you download and deploy the SDK, your 30-day trial of New Relic Enterprise begins. If you don't buy after your trial, your account automatically downgrades to Lite (free forever).

If you're hesitant to load the SDK into your Production environment, try New Relic for Mobile Apps in an Emulator (a sort of "Try it, before you try it, before you buy it"). It loads the same and provides the same data about any environment on any host.

What if I want to cancel my service?

No problem. If your account is on a monthly plan, simply cancel before your next billing period. You won't be charged for the next month of service. If you have an annual subscription, you may cancel without penalty within 30 days prior to your renewal date.

If you're on an On-Demand Plan, you'll be charged for the hours your applications were connected to New Relic during the month in which you cancel.

How do I remove New Relic from my application?

Unplugging is easy; Simply remove our Agent extension from your application and all the great New Relic stuff is gone, too. And we will be sad.

What is Multi-Account Management?

For Pro and Enterprise subscriptions, you have access to Multi-Account Management which allows account owners to create sub-accounts for different applications. This is useful, for example, to limit users so they can view specific applications and not others. A New Relic account serves as the parent account with its own license key. Sub-accounts have their own license keys to keep the sub-accounts and parent accounts from sharing any application data.

What is the criteria for a Standard vs. Critical Support Issue?

Each New Relic Support package (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) has unique support response times and channels for Critical and Standard Support issues. A Critical Support Issues is classified when you, the customer, experiences one or more of the following:

  • Application Crash: You believe the New Relic Agent is crashing or significantly impacting the performance of your applications.
  • Data Unavailability: Applications are not reporting data to the New Relic Application.
  • Site Unreachable: The inability to access the New Relic Dashboard.

If the issues are not classified as any of the three above, you will receive support according to your support plans Standard Support Issue response time.

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