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New Relic Logs

Get deeper visibility, near-instant search, and full contextual log information. Strip away the complexities of your on-prem log management tool, so you can spend more time focused on development.

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All your logs in one place

High-performance search

Lower your search time from minutes to milliseconds with advanced NRQL or Lucene syntax query language-based searches. Use a familiar query language to build powerful and sophisticated queries that can quickly scan vast qualities of aggregated log messages, no indexing required.

Scalable Cloud-Native Architecture

With a cloud-based log management solution, your team gets the flexibility to scale on a parallel track with your customer’s requirements. Reduce the complexities inherent in the management of an in-house logging solution like compute variations, storage scaling, and power.

Map Reduce Based NRDB Database

Eliminate the need for specialized personnel to create optimized indexes for fast searches. New Relic Logs offers easy to manage data, so your team is empowered with the search capabilities you need to run a non-indexed search.


Easily implement and manage all of your cross-platform alerts in one place. With New Relic Logs, you can view log data in Insights, using an existing search query. Use the familiar format of NRQL queries to visualize log data on an easy to understand dashboard.


With a view into everything you need, like a single plane of glass, you can now view log and data in Insights using an existing search query. Use familiar NRQL queries to visualize log data on an easy to understand dashboard and spend your time uncovering insights, not tracking down data.

Saved Search

Store your most-used searches for future access, keeping results within a single click for any user. Save time without the need to rewrite common queries over and over again, or give search access to a larger group of team members for higher data visibility.

Interactive Graph

Plot log query results on an interactive timeline, building collaboration into your working process. Then highlight specific sections of any graph to drill down and get detailed insights into a time period. By using a visualization of log messages, you can more easily identify patterns.

Customizable Log Attributes

With an intuitive layout, you can configure application-specific search queries using non-standard log message attributes. Simply add custom attributes through your log forwarder, then select one from the sidebar to start your query.

Unified View

Maintain focus while troubleshooting production issues with the feeling of working from a single pane of glass, as you view performance events and logs.

Centralized Logging

Keep all of your log data in one place with centralized logging. With New Relic Logs, you can aggregate log messages from multiple sources into a centralized cloud-based repository.


Send data from everywhere

Integration with Open Source Logging Frameworks

With a full set of plugins for all of the major open source log shippers, including Logstash, FluentD, and Fluent Bit, onboarding and deployment are simple. Leverage this feature to use open source log filters.

Integration with cloud vendors

New Relic Logs integrates with the large cloud providers well, with plugins for AWS and Cloudwatch. Send log data simply, to the platforms you already use.

Log smarter with logs in context

APM in context

Correlate performance events and errors with specific log messages, providing deeper insights into the causes of performance events. Gain an understanding of log events with a clear, high-level view across APM and Infra events, as well as Bridge Distributed Traces, APM Errors and Kubernetes instrumentation.

Kubernetes in context

See all of your Kubernetes logs in one place, integrated with the New Relic Kubernetes explorer. Be able to identify misbehaving pods and access their logs instantly. Dive in by pod or by container.