[Webinar]: Why Measuring Page Load Is The Wrong Metric

Performance matters. We know from many industry reports that there is a correlation between the time it takes to load a page and user activity.    

Bounce rates, conversion rates, and the number of clicks in a session can be dramatically impacted by slow page loads. But, what if we are measuring page load incorrectly? How we measure site speed is not often the same as how a user perceives site speed. If we are using the wrong metrics for measurement, we risk spending cycles on optimisation without realising the user activity gains.    

Watch our on-demand webinar and learn how New Relic Browser and Insights can help improve visibility into the metrics that matter.

This webinar will also discuss:

  • Web performance best practices used by top companies 
  • Key differences between different page load metrics 
  • How to instrument your application to improve performance
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