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Instant ObservabilityAWS DynamoDB
AWS DynamoDB

AWS DynamoDB

Monitor AWS DynamoDB by connecting AWS to New Relic
AWS DynamoDB
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What's included?

AWS DynamoDB quickstart contains 1 dashboard. These interactive visualizations let you easily explore your data, understand context, and resolve problems faster.

AWS DynamoDB

AWS DynamoDB observability quickstart contains 1 alert. These alerts detect changes in key performance metrics. Integrate these alerts with your favorite tools (like Slack, PagerDuty, etc.) and New Relic will let you know when something needs your attention.

High Average Request Latency - Query

This alert is triggered when the average request for query is above 100ms.

Data Sources  
AWS DynamoDB observability quickstart contains 1 data source. This is how you'll get your data into New Relic.

AWS DynamoDB installation docs

Monitor AWS DynamoDB by connecting AWS to New Relic.

What is AWS DynamoDB?

Fully managed NoSQL cloud database that supports both document and key-value store models.

Get started!

Start monitoring AWS DynamoDB by connecting Amazon Web Services (AWS) to New Relic!

Check out our AWS DynamoDB documentation to instrument your cloud service and manage the stability, scalability, and reliability of your systems with New Relic's infrastructure monitoring capabilities.

More info

Check out the documentation to learn more about New Relic monitoring for AWS DynamoDB.

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  • Install the quickstart to get started or improve how you monitor your environment. They’re filled with pre-built resources like dashboards, instrumentation, and alerts.
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