You might not think of the United Kingdom as a red-hot market opportunity for pizza delivery. But on the Friday before Christmas of 2018, Dominos Pizza UK sold a record 535,000 pizzas, according to The Guardian—cranking out an average of 12 pizzas a second for millions of hungry Britons.

To support online ordering and delivery of all that crust, cheese and tomato sauce, Dominos Pizza UK depends on its e-commerce platform to deliver rock-solid performance at massive scale—while also ensuring that customers get highly responsive, cutting-edge digital experiences. According to Amjid Chohan, software development manager for Dominos Pizza Group, the New Relic platform—and especially New Relic Insights—are critical for maintaining this laser-like focus on delivering first-rate digital experiences.

“One of the biggest challenges is keeping up with the needs and demands of the customer,” Chohan says in one of our latest customer video profiles. “Understanding how customers want to engage with us as a digital brand, either on the website or mobile application.”

New Relic Insights dashboards are critical to that process, Chohan says. “The one word I’d use to describe New Relic is ‘visualization,’” Chohan explains, and Insights dashboards help Dominos instantly grasp the trends impacting its conversions and customer satisfaction.

Watch the short video to learn more about how Chohan and his colleagues leverage New Relic to help them deliver satisfying experiences—and delicious pizza—to its customers. And check out the links below to discover how the New Relic platform can help your business to achieve its goals.

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