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Cloud monitoring for dynamic environments

Instrument your cloud apps and infrastructure with New Relic and see your stack like never before.

Businesses embrace the cloud for scale and agility. Yet gaining a clear view of performance in cloud environments can be a challenge. In order to intelligently manage today’s complex, ever-changing applications and infrastructure, you need a monitoring solution that’s as dynamic as your cloud. Discover how New Relic can help you see your cloud more clearly.

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"Public cloud, private cloud and hybrid infrastructure create a fragmented monitoring environment that many legacy tools neither can fully handle nor can capture the entire view across these modern architectures."

Pankaj Prasad & Will Cappelli
Market Guide for IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

The three aspects of intelligent cloud monitoring

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, legacy monitoring tools don’t cut it anymore. To find success in the cloud, you need a modern monitoring solution that gives you:

Measurable outcomes for your cloud migration

Whether you’re just starting a migration, working in a hybrid cloud environment, or running a cloud-native digital business, New Relic lets you know exactly how your cloud apps and hosts are running. You can establish pre-migration baselines, closely track any deviations, and receive consistent feedback and alerts for your entire environment—even across on-prem servers and hybrid clouds. And with seamless AWS billing integrations, New Relic makes it easy to stay on top of your budget and prove out the bottom-line success of your cloud endeavors. 

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Intelligence and confidence when modernizing

New Relic cloud monitoring seamlessly integrates with modern cloud computing services and gives you a precise picture of your dynamic systems in real time. So if you’re running containers, microservices, or serverless functions, and maintaining the health of multi-cloud apps and infrastructure—New Relic can help you modernize your stack and accelerate cloud and DevOps adoption with confidence.

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Full-stack instrumentation and visibility that scales with your needs

With deep programming language and framework support for application performance monitoring and end-to-end health metrics and event correlation in a single screen—from your browser/mobile users to your infrastructure—New Relic lets you isolate and resolve issues quickly, no matter where in your dynamic environment they may be. And as a multi-tenant SaaS platform, New Relic cloud monitoring scales with your usage, so you can ensure performance on days of peak demand. 

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“Everything is sending data to New Relic. As developers work on new features, they can go to the dashboard and see if their features are having any performance impacts or if there are errors that they just can’t catch sifting through the AWS logs.”

Paolo Vaca, Director of Web Software Engineering, MLBAM

“New Relic is a key partner in enabling us to try new things. As we experiment on new platforms, we can instrument and build the right experience that lets us reach our audiences as quickly as possible.”

Allen Duan, Office of the CTO, Hearst

“The evolving role of operations in DevOps culture is to help teams figure out what’s wrong with their applications, and then let them figure out how to fix them. New Relic is the main tool we use to accomplish that. Without New Relic, the time required to resolve production issues would be increased.”

Larry Green, Manager of Side Operation, Manheim

“One thing that I liked about New Relic right from the start was that it offered a common ground that enabled all these different teams—DevOps, operations, management, and more—to begin speaking the same language. Finally, they were all viewing the same metrics from within the same tool. This was the key to our teams working more collaboratively.”

Chris Handy, senior DevOps engineer, Work Market

See every part of your cloud more clearly

Understand, optimize, and realize value from your dynamic cloud initiatives with New Relic cloud monitoring.

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