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Optimize your cloud native environment

Adopt easily. Experiment confidently. Scale better.

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Put the modern cloud to work for you

Microservices. Lambda. Containers. Kubernetes. A whole new category of “cloud native” technologies are here. Are you putting them to the best possible use for your business? Our proven capabilities can help you get more out of these complex, distributed systems so you can deliver measurable value to your customers faster.


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Adopt new technologies easily

We give you the context you need to evaluate, integrate, and accelerate your adoption of cloud native technologies and architectures—and prove your move was a success.

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Cloud Native Dashboard

Promote a culture of experimentation

To maximize the value of your complex, distributed systems, your teams must rethink how they work together. We can help you experiment with confidence, quickly troubleshoot errors in production, and see measurable results.

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Experiment Confidently

Scale intelligently and reliably

As you run more dynamic and distributed systems, our real-time insights can help you boost efficiencies, maintain reliability at scale, and justify your spend.

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Scale better


Monitor every step of your move from monolithic applications and cut through the complexity of managing microservices.

Distributed tracing

Use our advanced anomaly detection capabilities to identify latency and improve the performance of your distributed systems.


Cloud spend

Our AWS Billing integration can help you manage, forecast, and justify your cloud expenditure—across all your accounts, from a single place.


Collect, visualize, and alert on everything happening in your Kubernetes landscape.  


Know when there’s pressure on your containers and trigger autoscaling based on real data.


Get granular visibility into serverless functions like AWS Lambda.

Go farther and faster in your cloud native journey

From detailed health metrics to bird’s-eye views of all the relationships and dependencies in your distributed systems, we can help you manage and optimize your cloud native environment.


Kubernetes Cluster


Cloud Native Is the New Normal: Is Your Environment Optimized for Success?

Solution Sheet

Optimize Your Modern Cloud Environment


Introducing the New Relic Guide to Optimizing Your Cloud Native Environment


Guide to Optimizing Your Cloud Native Environment