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Migrate wisely with New Relic

Moving to the cloud is complicated. Do it right and you can get the infrastructure out of the way, increase agility, and speed innovation. Here’s how New Relic gives you the information you need to migrate wisely.

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100% visibility for every step of your cloud journey

Shift, re-fit, or modernize. No matter your approach, New Relic gives you the data you need to prove your migration is a success. Our SaaS model means you can keep your initial investment small and scale as your usage grows.

  • Set benchmarks for current performance, app health, and usage.
  • Keep initial investments small, then scale tactically.
  • Hybrid, public or private, single or multiple—it’s all good.
  • Migrate safely and securely, with 100% visibility for your entire stack.
  • Real-time visibility into what’s working and what’s not in a cloud infrastructure service.
  • Monitor application performance across multiple public, private and hybrid clouds.
  • Measure performance, refine, and prove migration success.
  • Scale up quickly and easily, based on the success of your apps.
  • Optimize, iterate, and develop new apps to drive your business.

Use New Relic with your preferred cloud vendors and tools

Deploy, integrate, and monitor with the tools you already use.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Windows Azure
  • Puppet Labs
  • Jenkins
  • Chef
  • Jira
  • Pagerduty
  • Ansible
  • Salt Stack
  • Codeship
  • Big Panda
  • dploy

The cloud leads to innovation

With New Relic, we’ll help you get the most of your application’s performance in the cloud so you can focus on the reason you went in the first place, innovation. This means reduced costs, more agility, and a clearer picture for the path ahead.

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"New Relic was perfect for us. It allowed us to identify any issues as we moved into the Cloud and resolve those issues quickly, before they blew up."

Dave Shanker, Head of Technical Operations, Miniclip

Total environment visibility for everyone.

IT Ops
  • Instant visibility into every part of the stack—across your entire hybrid, public, private, single, or multiple cloud environment.
  • Reduce failure risks and fix errors fast via real-time app monitoring.
  • Measure the impact of code changes on server performance.
  • Remove engineering barriers and enable constant change.
  • Quickly find problems in the exact line of code.
  • Prove fixes in both re-architected and new applications.
  • Continuous integration / continuous deployment.
Business Leaders
  • Focus the organization on your digital future.
  • Get out of the data center business faster.
  • Drive accountability for teams and vendors.
  • Speed transformation by freeing up "keep the lights on" resources.

Make your software better faster

Put yourself in position to improve on critical features,
build better apps, and accelerate your digital future.
We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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