What is O11y Day all about?

New Relic O11y Day has two hands-on workshops for software engineers and operators who are building and running the applications we all know, use and love. Build, run, and debug your services through applying key observability practices and have fun at the same time. You’ll learn by doing, not by looking at slides.

Don’t forget to bring your laptop! Scroll down for workshop details.

1:30pm: Arrival, networking and refreshments
2:00-3:30pm: Hands-on workshops
3:30-4:00pm: Break
4:00-5:00pm: Hands-on workshops
5:00-7:00pm: Happy hour 

Workshop Track 1: New Relic University Platform Fundamentals

In a series of practical, lab-focused modules, you’ll gain a comprehensive overview of the features and functions of the New Relic Observability Platform, to monitor and troubleshoot your full stack from client side through to back end services and physical or cloud infrastructure.

Workshop Track 2: Alert Quality Management with Chaos Engineering

In this hands-on session, we will take you through 16 game day style simulation challenges to up-level your Alert Quality Management skills.  We'll cover:

  • How metrics, events, logs, and traces can enhance signal acquisition for alerting
  • Strategies to avoid alert storms and fatigue
  • Improving alert quality and response
  • Introduction to Observability as Code
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