What is O11y Day all about?

New Relic O11y Day is a hands-on workshop for software engineers and operators who are building and running the applications we all know, use and love. Build, run, and debug your services through applying key observability practices and have fun at the same time. You’ll learn by doing, not by looking at slides.

Don’t forget to bring your laptop! Scroll down for workshop details.

1:30pm: Arrival, networking and refreshments
2:00pm: Observability at Scale with Pulumi
3.00pm: Kubernetes Observability Workshop
4:00pm: Collecting custom metrics with New Relic Flex
5:00pm: Happy hour and golf at Chelsea Piers


Observability at Scale with Pulumi

Getting your infrastructure and application deployed on AWS is an important first step but how do you make sure that your new capabilities are running reliably in production? Observability is a key component of any site reliability strategy and New Relic and Pulumi make it easier than ever to define metrics, alerts, and dashboards using popular programming languages.

What you will learn:

  • Defining and managing observability capabilities using JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Creating cloud resources using infrastructure as code and deploying an example app
  • How to define metrics and alerts to ensure your app and infrastructure are healthy

Kubernetes Workshop

In this workshop, you will step into the shoes of an engineer at a fictional online service that hosts a basic string parser application. In your role, you are tasked with instrumenting the organization’s Kubernetes cluster with infrastructure monitoring for New Relic. Upon instrumentation, you are then asked to manipulate and troubleshoot the Kubernetes cluster using the power of observability that New Relic provides.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to...

  • Install New Relic’s Kubernetes integrations using guided install for Kubernetes to instrument your cluster.
  • Use basic Kubernetes commands such as kubectl to query and inspect specific Kubernetes resources.
  • Troubleshoot common scenarios that may arise in Kubernetes clusters and how to identify them in the New Relic Observability Platform.

Collecting custom metrics with New Relic Flex 

If you’ve worked in IT for more than a few weeks, you’ll realize that no vendor can ever predict—let alone collect—all the relevant and necessary data your organization needs to have full visibility into your operations. New Relic Flex is an all-in-one tool that can take an input, process it, and send it to New Relic as if it came from one of our pre-built integrations. Best of all:  In this “zero to hero” style workshop, we’ll attendees will get hands-on experience with:

  • Installing the New Relic infrastructure agent 
  • Understanding the Flex system
  • Collecting metrics from the command line, from script output, and from web pages.
  • Exploring and creating unique dashboards using the collected telemetry
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