Three years ago, we transformed both our business model and the fundamental structure of our platform to become the source of truth for all engineers to make data-driven decisions at every stage of the software lifecycle. After gathering insights from our community on what impedes their observability practices, we’ve heard over and over that data accessibility, the ability to produce actionable insights from disparate data sources, and tightening budgets are the primary obstacles. We believe that these insights that guide our product roadmap and strategy have culminated in New Relic being recognized by Gartner as a Leader in the 2023 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring and Observability. This marks our 11th consecutive time as a Leader for our ability to execute and completeness of vision.

As pioneers in shaping this segment, we remain dedicated to listening to our community and delivering even more innovation. Our unrivaled consumption model, streamlined data platform, and seamless end-to-end customer experience set us apart in the industry. Here's what this commitment means for you:

Making observability ubiquitous

We know that leaders often feel the need to sacrifice access in order to minimize costs, so we’ve shaped our business model to help our customers save money and still do moreWe’ve invested to ensure engineers realize more value through a perpetual free tier—no limited trials that end just as you’re making progress—and a consumption-based pricing model that delivers more value as you scale your observability practice.

As one of the leading contributors to the OpenTelemetry community, we recognize and embrace this unified standard as the future of instrumentation. OpenTelemetry facilitates insights from data across multiple platforms, preserves vendor neutrality, and helps DevOps teams better optimize their resources. By helping customers embrace best practices with open-source standardization, we help drive innovation, foster community collaboration, drive down costs, and create a better overall experience that earns customer loyalty without vendor lock-in. We help teams achieve faster time to value with accelerated onboarding and integration, as well as greater configuration controls for more precise insights.

Insights for every engineer

New Relic makes all monitoring and security tools available in one connected observability experience. With the ability to collect all telemetry with an open API and a single query language, engineers can view all data sources and data types in one place. Our single data platform combines over 30 capabilities to enable engineers to understand dependencies across their stack and know where to focus to improve the quality of their service—removing data silos, eradicating tool sprawl, and offering rich insights for every engineer.

We offer observability into business outcomes with solutions built specifically to offer insight into key business performance indicators. Thousands of technical and non-technical users rely on Pathpoint, the only purpose-built solution specifically for business observability, for fast business analytics that incorporate product and service health into customer journey insights. Our SAP-certified integration helps IT teams better support their business by integrating SAP and non-SAP telemetry for a consolidated view of infrastructure, application, and business processes. And our plug-and-play third-party integrations ranging from CDN performance to customer experience bottom-of-funnel analysis help our customers analyze the impact of the health of their applications, networks, and infrastructure on business outcomes in a matter of minutes.

We recognize that a security mindset across the development pipeline has become an enterprise priority. New Relic Vulnerability Management and IAST scanning with proof-of-exploit integrate both native and third-party security signals into our platform. This allows development, security, and operations teams to prioritize risk at every stage of development with unified experience that incorporates telemetry insights from across the software stack.

Looking ahead

New Relic is committed to continuing to listen to the engineering community and innovating to meet their ever-changing needs. Our renewed focus on setting new standards in managing increasingly complex stacks and filling observability gaps advanced our position ahead of competing solutions, including Datadog and others, in completeness of vision in this year’s report.

We’re driven to operationalize open standards and proprietary data sources into a single solution in order to let our customers take total control of their telemetry data. New Relic Distribution of OpenTelemetry is the first step to a single agent that unifies existing New Relic capabilities with open standard technologies. With open standards support for OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, and Fluent, customers will be able to simplify their agent footprints and tame complex agent configuration with a single agent for collecting telemetry data.

We’re continuously researching new opportunities to bring more value to our customers, both through deeper insights and disruptive pricing. One area where we’re focusing our efforts is live archives for logs, which will enable our customers to analyze log data faster and easier, all in one place—without the hassles or costs associated with rehydrating, reloading, or re-indexing log data.

We’re embracing Generative AI by enabling customers to monitor their OpenAI GPT application usage in New Relic, and we’re excited to soon release the first Generative AI assistant for observability. New Relic AI will allow all engineers—from developers to operations, security, product, support, business users and QA teams—to unlock deep insights from mountains of telemetry data using natural language with an approachable chat interface. These solutions are designed to help our customers fix issues faster, reduce outages, and increase both development velocity and innovation.

Thank you

We’re proud to be in the business of breaking down the data, insight, and team silos that stand in the way of achieving full-stack observability. We’re committed to delivering delightful experiences that help you optimize your business, foster effective communication across engineering and business teams, and stand out from your competition. Thank you for choosing New Relic and making us a Leader in this latest Magic Quadrant for APM and Observability.