New Relic APM &  New Relic Insights

Events Collected: Transactions Errors

Product and Engineering teams want to know how their software is performing, but it’s even more important that your paying customers (you know, those people that keep the lights on?) are having good experiences. Don’t wait for the support ticket; be proactive about customer-level application performance monitoring.



Segment your application performance data by customer account attributes to understand how specific customers are experiencing your software.

Drill Down


Drill down to application usage for specific accounts to understand how features are performing and gaining adoption.



Identify the high volume transactions that are either creating too many database calls or spending a lot of time in the database layer.

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New Relic Browser &  New Relic Insights

Events Collected: Pageviews

Front-end developers and support teams need to know the environmental attributes of their customers to make sure they have a product that works on the right systems for their paying customers. Furthermore, support needs to know what a user was on and what they were doing when Enterprise_Customer_16 filed a support ticket. Using New Relic Insights and Browser, pinpoint the specifics and have better customer intelligence as your troubleshoot and fix the issues.

Custom Queries


Run custom queries to analyze users by location, browser, device, and any other metrics vital to your application’s success.

Track Accounts


Track the pageviews, response times, and sessions of specific accounts or users to give support and operations teams insight into customer experience.

User Tracking


Determine the content, features, and funnels that your users are engaging to help prioritize which parts of your application that need optimization.

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New Relic Mobile &  New Relic Insights

Events Collected: Crashes Interactions Sessions

Mobile developers are constantly looking for ways to shave seconds off of their application load times. A poor first time user experience can mean deletion and abandonment for many apps. Using the combined power of New Relic Insights and Mobile, create detailed interactions and screen level performance reports, and create dynamic user histories to understand what people are doing, and how they get tasks done.



Analyze sessions coming from your mobile application to understand core engagement metrics and how users are adopting different features.

Track core mobile KPIs such as average session time, average sessions per user, and daily active users.



Refine your analysis of mobile performance by pinpointing specific geographies, carriers, and networks and how those aspects impact mobile application performance.

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New Relic Synthetics &  New Relic Insights

Events Collected: Synthetic Check Synthetic Request

Benchmark your applications performance against your key competitors to understand how your software experience holds up against the market.

Performance Analysis


Understand the performance impact that 3rd party services have on your page load durations by drilling into your Synthetics data in Insights.

Test Tracking


Pinpoint failed test results tracked in Synthetics and group results by error messages to identify the root cause of the issue.

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