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How to Parse Multiline Log Messages With the Infrastructure Agent's Fluent Bit Plugin

… with the simple configuration of a YAML file. Currently, the agent supports log … for how Fluent Bit should treat a file like this, you’d see each individual … configuration and an associ

6 min read

Zack Mutchler

Running the New Relic Infrastructure Agent as a Non-Root User

You can now run the New Relic Infrastructure agent as a non-root user in one of two permission modes. Here’s how.

7 min read

Alejandro Do Nascimento

Getting Started with New Relic Infrastructure: Best Practices That Set You up for Success

Set up your team to get the most from New Relic Infrastructure with this set of proven and field-tested best practices.

7 min read

New Relic Community Team

The AWS Cloud Keeps Getting Easier: Installing the New Relic Infrastructure Agent with EC2…

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager makes it quick and easy to install, update, or remove the New Relic Infrastructure agent on your EC2 instances

9 min read

Kevin Downs

Installing the New Relic Infrastructure Agent on AWS—Zero to Data in 60 Seconds [Video]

How to launch an AWS EC2 Amazon Linux instance, deploy the latest New Relic Infrastructure agent, and receive data in just seconds from start to finish.

4 min read

Kevin Downs

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