Winning Below the Glass

Make sure your retail website doesn’t crack under pressure

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It may only be a couple of months out of 12, but peak shopping season can feel like a whole year’s pressure wrapped into one. Commercially speaking, it often is. Retail brands need to capture the attention of audiences on the most precious retail space on the planet—the screen. In this eBook, you'll learn how to get the most from your infrastructure and operations behind the scenes.

What customers experience on their screen, that precious 2mm retail space, is ultimately the result of great engineering. Some of the most sophisticated and engaging retail brand experiences are the combined work of exceptional marketers and product specialists and a culture of excellence in engineering teams. Leading brands closely sync these two superpowers so that an advertising drive is supported by feature releases and platform stability.

For retail and eCommerce brands, looking below the glass means putting customer satisfaction under the spotlight. Delivering an exceptional digital customer experience relies on getting the most from your infrastructure and operations behind the scenes. 

To win, organisations must focus on optimising operational efficiency, in order to ensure uptime, performance, and reliability. Engineering must be set up to proactively find and fix problems before consumers are impacted and software, infrastructure, and cloud investments must be architected to support scale and efficiency.

Download Winning Below the Glass to learn:

  • How to harness telemetry data
  • Key metrics to use across your business
  • Warning signs that indicate engineering and business teams are stuck
  • How to use observability in your approach to operational efficiency.

Getting more from your infrastructure and operations will help drive the behind-the-scenes synergy that allows you to deliver an exceptional customer experience. 



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