Mckinsey’s State of AI in early 2024 report found that AI adoption surged 72 percent, primarily driven largely by the burgeoning interest in generative AI. While generative AI applications, powered by large language models (LLMs), offer tremendous potential, they also bring unique challenges for the engineers responsible for building and managing AI-powered applications. 

The adoption of AI is one of the biggest trends driving the need for observability: engineers require comprehensive visibility and insights across the entire AI stack to develop and operate reliable, secure, and responsible AI applications with confidence.

Join this webinar on 25 July (2pm ET | 11am PT) to explore how New Relic AI Monitoring can empower you to observe your AI-powered applications effectively. Learn how to:

  • Accelerate AI initiatives: Proactively monitor and resolve issues to keep your AI projects on track with New Relic.
  • Optimize LLM selection and management: Choose the right LLMs for your application and manage their performance and costs effectively.
  • Ensure compliance: Build generative AI solutions that adhere to compliance standards and regulations.

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2pm ET | 11am PT


July 25, 2024

AI Monitoring Hero

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Jemiah Suis

Senior Director, Developer Relations

Jemiah Sius is Director of Developer Relations at New Relic, focused on building a successful community of developers engaged with New Relic.

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