The challenge with developing applications and code that performs well, ships on time, AND ALSO is inherently secure isn’t that the work is hard. It’s that tools aren’t always optimized for or built with the end-user (the developer) in mind. Often they’re cobbled together by security engineers from an infosec mindset, but developers are expected to not only install and use them, but also interpret the results and take action. 

In this webinar, Senior Director of Product Security Kymberlee Price and Senior Principal Software Engineer Nick Bartmon, along with the webinar host and Developer Relations Advocate Leon Adato, discuss the common stumbling blocks developers face and offer a rational, achievable, and toil-free path forward. We hope you’ll join us.

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Developers often struggle with creating secure code because the tools they’re expected to use introduce friction and toil to the process. In this webinar, host Leon Adato welcomes Kymberlee Price and Nick Bartmon to discuss the details of this common issue, and to show a better way to achieve results that the security team, the business, and the developers themselves can appreciate.

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