Panel: Why observability is mission critical to high performing DevOps and SRE teams

According to New Relic's 2022 Observability Trends Report, 90% of IT leaders see observability as mission critical but only 26% have a mature observability practice. So what stands in the way?

In this on demand panel discussion, Greg Ouillon, Field CTO - EMEA at New Relic, James Governor, RedMonk analyst and co-founder, and Craig Mclean, Head of SRE at DAZN, discuss the complex challenges SRE teams need to overcome as they develop a robust observability strategy.

Watch this on demand webinar to learn more about:

  • Striking the right balance between autonomy and standardisation for teams
  • Why observability is critical as companies move to progressive delivery models 
  • Cultural challenges of observability
  • How to embrace risk and persuade business stakeholders.
2021 Observability Forecast

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Event speakers

James Governor headshot

James Governor

Analyst and co-founder, RedMonk

James is co-founder of RedMonk, the developer-focused industry analyst firm, which delivers research and analysis into tech trends and directions. He enjoys working with anyone who wants to better understand software developers and what makes them tick. James came up with the term Progressive Delivery. He lives in London with his wife and three kids. Specialities: Developers, developers, developers. Find him at @monkchips on twitter.

Craig Mclean, Head of SRE at DAZN

Craig Mclean

Head of SRE, DAZN

Craig is a technology leader with over 25 years’ experience, who has built and enabled high-performing teams to achieve great things all around the world, helping media, finance, gambling, third sector, public sector, and OEMs. He is currently Head of Site Reliability Engineering at DAZN where his awesome teams enable the product and engineering communities to achieve the reliability they need.

Greg Ouillon heashot

Greg Ouillon

Field CTO - EMEA, New Relic

Greg supports New Relic customers across EMEA as they adopt modern technologies and transform digitally. He brings extensive experience as a technology leader, turning new technology into global services, developing high-tech innovations and scaling them up into profitable businesses. Prior to New Relic, Greg held leadership roles at SITAONAIR, SITA, Orange Business Services, and Equant. He managed product P&Ls, strategy, innovation and transformation, engineering and software development, technology and product lifecycle, service creation, and management. He has also led a major platform and portfolio transformation, re-factoring critical applications, moving to mobile, web and cloud, introducing DevOps, re-architecting operational and business support systems, upping security and compliance. 

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