About this training

New Relic is a programmable platform that lets you write custom code to add new features and create unique visualizations. Throughout this course, you'll learn what programmability means, how New Relic implements it, and how you can build on the platform to solve your unique problems.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you'll be able to:

  • Describe what programmability means in the context of New Relic and other software platforms
  • Explain what a New Relic One application is and why you would build one
  • Describe the use cases of the New Relic One SDK's component library and CLI
  • Create a New Relic One application from scratch
  • Deploy a New Relic One application
  • Find and add existing New Relic One application from the open source catalog
  • Create a new custom visualisation and run it locally
  • Deploy a custom visualisation to the New Relic One Catalog
  • Define props to customise your visualisation to your needs
  • Add custom visualisation to dashboards
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