Kubernetes is eating the world - rapidly becoming the de facto environment for deploying apps faster and an essential asset to the modern developer. A recent survey conducted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation found that 83% of respondents are using Kubernetes in production, up from 58% the previous year. Yet software engineering teams consistently struggle to troubleshoot, debug, and gain visibility into applications running in Kubernetes clusters. 

Whatever stage of the journey you’re at, whether evaluating, implementing or rapidly adopting Kubernetes, join Steve Ng from New Relic, and our panel of resident Kubernetes experts, Prateek Nayak from Innablr and Sam Bell from Aurizon for an interactive discussion on the benefits, challenges and key lessons learned from Kubernetes in production.

Steve will also be able to share why New Relic acquired Pixie Labs – a next-generation, machine learning (ML) based observability solutions provider for Kubernetes. Observability that needs no instrumentation, simplifies the time and effort for developers to get visibility, democratises the use of Kubernetes so all engineers can use it, running entirely inside Kubernetes at the edge - to provide the added benefits of security, scale and cost-savings.

We look forward to seeing you on the 25th August. 

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