How many tools do you have reporting critical information? Most companies have a wide variety of tools monitoring their systems, which means they can spend a lot of time bouncing between them.

But you can get that time back by consolidating your data into one platform and helping your processes run more efficiently. Join our Expert Services team as they dive into the best ways to centralize critical data into one location.

You’ll learn about:

  • The importance of centralizing telemetry data

  • Using New Relic Infrastructure Agent extensibility

  • Ingesting data with NRI Flex

With these techniques, you can take full advantage of New Relic as an observability data platform, making it easy to get the insights you need to move faster than ever.

Data lines

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Event speakers

Sean Winters headshot

Sean Winters

Solution Architect, New Relic

Sean Winters is a Solution Architect in New Relic's Dublin Office. He has spent time in a variety of roles including technical support, DevOps and originally electronic engineering. When not helping customers harness the power of New Relic, he enjoys being a nerd outside of work also.

Alex Costa headshot

Alex Costa

Customer Success Engineer, New Relic

Alex Costa is a Customer Success Engineer in New Relic’s Expert Services unit. He comes from a background of supporting technical teams in troubleshooting, implementing, and configuring the telemetry tools they need to be both reactive and proactive in their digital landscape.

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