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How to Optimise and Control your Cloud Costs (EMEA)

New Relic & AWS

Forrester’s recent Total Economic Impact Study of the New Relic Platform for Cloud Migration and Optimisation shows over 90% savings in deployment of applications to the cloud and 50% reduction of cloud cost.

Join New Relic Partner Solutions Consultant Robert Limbrey and AWS Solutions Architect Steve Woodard as they demonstrate how our cloud optimisation application proactively identifies and manages cloud compute costs, reclaiming wasted spend by ensuring the underlying cloud application infrastructure is rightsized and ensuring your spending on cloud infrastructure is now more efficient.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Integrate New Relic into your public cloud environments
  • Identify rightsizing opportunities across your organisation's EC2 consumption
  • Achieve proactive cost management and chargeback capabilities using live consumption data.

Watch the webinar now