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AWS re:Invent is arguably the most important cloud computing event on the technology calendar. That’s why New Relic has a big presence in Las Vegas every November when tens of thousands of cloud aficionados roll into the Nevada desert. But despite the packed hallways and interminable taxi lines, we know that not every cloud enthusiast actually made it to re:Invent last year.

Which is a shame, because that means they weren’t able to visit our two (yes, two!) booths on the show floor and therefore missed out on an amazing series of lightning talks from New Relic customers, partners, and in-house experts, addressing everything from Kubernetes to microservices. Of course, even if you did make it to Vegas, odds are you didn’t manage to catch every one of our Lightning Talks.

Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

In addition to our compelling coverage of three awesome cloud migration Lightning Talks, we recorded 13 different Lightning Talks, ranging in length from less than 8 minutes to almost half an hour. We’ve gathered them all together in a fascinating and informative YouTube playlist. Watch them all from the beginning in the embedded video here, or read on to see links and descriptions of the specific talks:

Monitoring Morningstar’s Cloud Platform

Financial-information services firm Morningstar built a suite of web-based tools to help asset managers and financial services professionals research and analyze multiple investment types and portfolios. Morningstar software Engineering Manager Ben Barrett explains how his team used New Relic custom instrumentation for deeper transaction trace support, leveraged New Relic Synthetics to perform simple pings and assess critical workflows, and developed dashboards to showcase performance over time.

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Engineering Thought Leadership: Change the Way Your Entire SaaS Org Operates with Data

Steve Henry, Vice President/Head of Engineering at martech and content leader ScribbleLive, delves into how to use data to drive technical and behavioral change in Software-as-a-Service organizations.

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Business Value at Startup Speed

Ben Salt, business and accounting software vendor Xero’s General Manager of Platform and Reliability, describes business software vendor Xero’s continuing “DevOps Evolution,” from startup to “innovating at scale,” and what the team learned along the way—with a focus on the key cultural changes that made the transition possible.

Monitoring Complex Modern Systems: A New Approach to Streamlining Log and Application Performance Data in the Cloud

Sumo Logic Principal Technical Product Manager Rishi Divate and New Relic Director of Platform and Ecosystem Mark Weitzel discuss how the New Relic and Sumo Logic integration provides essential troubleshooting context in DevOps environments.

The Paradox of Microservice Simplicity: Application and Kubernetes Monitoring in Modern Applications

Slalom Consulting Practice Area Lead Tim Whitney and Practice Director Matt Houser explore the implications of the tension between the simplicity of individual microservices and the complexity of microservices architectures that employ many different microservices at the same time—and its implications for performance tuning and error tracing.

Migration Success with New Relic and Cloudreach

Cloudreach CTO Kevin Davis lays out a cloud migration strategy that’s short on risk and long on assurance and visibility—and one that relies on New Relic and Cloudreach for critical monitoring, analytics, automation, and data-driven decision making capabilities along the way.

What to do with the Microservices Tangle—an AWS Approach

A lot of companies are making the leap to microservices, says AWS SI Practice Lead Kelly Looney—but not all of them are ready for what comes next. Looney offers advice on how to lock in the benefits of microservices while minimizing the complexity and risk, based on lessons AWS learned during its own microservices journey.

Integrating New Relic with Atlassian Opsgenie & JiraOps

"Alert fatigue" is a growing risk for many operations teams. In this Lighting Talk, Atlassian Pre-Sales Engineer John Meier offers insights into integrating New Relic with Atlassian's Opsgenie and JiraOps—bringing sanity, clarity, and consistency to your team's alerting and incident-response procedures.

Monitor All Your Kubernetes and EKS Stack with New Relic

In this talk, New Relic Senior Product Manager JF Joly delivers a hands-on demo of New Relic's latest Kubernetes monitoring tools for Amazon EKS—giving firms an easy-to-install, highly extensible, AWS-native solution for the challenges of building and scaling a modern Kubernetes infrastructure.

Building Better Microservices with New Relic and Kinect Consulting

In this talk, Kinect Consulting Senior Vice President Igor Royzis presents a set of best practices for building a microservices architecture and explains how New Relic can help you overcome the risks and challenges you may face along the way

Cloud Migration: Making Better 6R Classifications with New Relic and Kinect Consulting

AWS has its 6 Rs—6 common cloud migration strategies. No matter which strategy you use, Kinect Consulting Director of Platform Engineering Dave Shankar explains how to make it a success by using New Relic to gather dependencies and speed migration and validation time.

Re:Thinking the Cloud

Playing off the concept of AWS’ 6 Rs, New Relic Director of Product Management Alberto Gomez shares what he calls the 7th R: “reThink.” Structure your teams for continuous “reThinking” in the cloud, so you never stop exploring new paths to improve your business.

Driving DevOps, from the App to Incident Response with New Relic and PagerDuty

When something goes wrong in your system, you need to deal with it right away. Learn from PagerDuty Solutions Consultant Joe Pusateri how PagerDuty’s enterprise-class platform helps drive DevOps success across a wide-variety of tools, including New Relic.