New Relic’s Applied Intelligence Helps Enterprises Discover and Resolve Critical Operations Issues Faster

Introducing Radar, Delivering Proactive, Prescriptive Recommendations to Modern DevOps Teams

New York -- FutureStack - 2017年 9月 13日

Digital intelligence leader New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR) unveiled New Relic Applied Intelligence (NRAI), a new set of services and features as part of the company’s Digital Intelligence Platform, which helps customers use monitoring data to uncover and resolve problems faster—in some cases, anticipating the issue before it appears. New Relic is launching today three new features powered by NRAI—Radar, NRQL Baseline Alerting, and New Relic APM Error Profiles. These new features will help engineering and operations teams intelligently spot abnormal behavior across billions of pieces of data, predict where problems may arise, and ultimately provide prescriptive recommendations for problems before they impact customers.

NRAI and Radar were previewed in November 2016 at FutureStack as Project Seymour, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable New Relic to build new intelligent capabilities across the company’s platform. With New Relic’s pure SaaS model and broad instrumentation across languages and platforms, NRAI relies on a unique combination of computing power via the cloud with the trillions of event data New Relic processes daily from customers’ critical systems. NRAI powered experiences will help engineering and operations teams see through the mountain of data generated by their software and infrastructure to gain a better understanding of what’s going on within their ecosystem and effectively operate at scale.

"New Relic's platform helps our customers answer questions about the performance of their applications and infrastructure so that they can move faster. As our customers' environments become increasingly complex, answers become harder and harder to find. That's why we're adding intelligence across our platform, to proactively tell our customers where they should pay attention, help them prevent problems, and help them fix issues faster when they do happen," said Lew Cirne, CEO and founder, New Relic.

Introducing Radar

A new user experience leveraging the NRAI engine, Radar is a personalized feed designed to provide engineering and operations teams predictive and prescriptive insights into the critical services they are responsible for within their company’s software ecosystem. Radar analyzes the data from these services to identify patterns and potential issues—often previously undetectable—and provide actionable ways to resolve the issue. Learning from user engagement and actions, Radar constantly improves to ensure the most relevant recommendations are surfaced to meet user needs.

Radar provides analytic recommendations via cards which contains interesting, relevant, and actionable data about a specific service or the ecosystem as a whole. With four card types—Advice, Perspective, Events, and Celebrations—New Relic intelligently delivers insights to an individual, who can easily share the card with their team via a built-in integration with Slack.

Both Radar and NRAI will continue to evolve and improve with the rollout to the New Relic customer community. Radar is already helping companies identify previously undetected anomalies within their systems before customers have been impacted and will continue to improve with more data from user interactions.

Create baseline alerts for any custom metric

Launched earlier this year, New Relic’s Dynamic Baseline Alerting enables customers to set threshold alerting conditions which are modeled from historical application metric data by NRAI. Now, by adding baseline capabilities to the recently introduced NRQL Alerting, New Relic is enabling customers to set dynamic alert thresholds on anomalous behavior for any of the trillions of events New Relic processes daily. NRQL Baseline Alerting offers virtually endless possibilities for customers to be alerted on any event data collected by New Relic’s products or custom event data they insert into New Relic and be tailored to a particular team or company needs.

Leveraging NRAI within New Relic APM

NRAI will also enable New Relic to deliver even more powerful curated analytical experiences within the company’s products. New Relic APM’s Error Profiles is the first of these capabilities leveraging NRAI, allowing customers to better manage and analyze errors in their production applications. Using statistical measures, Error Profiles analyzes the attributes associated with the set of errors that happen in a particular time period and compares the values in that set against historical values, highlighting the error attributes that are different. Error Profiles enables DevOps teams to quickly understand the cause of an error, where to focus their attention, and prioritize resolving the error.

Customer and Analyst Comments on the News

“Radar has surfaced response time delays in our applications that our team wasn’t aware of and helped us improve performance. For example, Radar identified a week-over-week performance drift and enabled our team to fix it before it made it to production, eliminating any potential impact on customer experience,” said Richard Petersen, senior consultant for IT applications, Nationwide Insurance.

“As we’ve previewed Radar I‘ve been impressed with all the information you can get at a glance. The content within a single card is precise in the information that’s offered and enables us to see clearly through the volume of data about our systems and where we may need to act proactively,” said Javi Carretero, technical lead, mobile web services, Ocado Technology.

“Riot Games has a wide array of applications, but it’s hard to fully absorb and prioritize actions from all the data we gain from monitoring. An automated tool like Radar has been valuable in guiding us to issues for services that operate in the dark. For example Radar proactively directed us to a disk space utilization issue for a machine we don’t pay much attention to, enabling us to add disk space before it impacted users,” said James Nguyen, engineering manager, Riot Games.

"As enterprises shift toward smaller application services built on ephemeral public cloud architectures, the complexity of understanding system health continues to grow. Development and operations teams are seeking to work more closely together but struggle to gain a consistent understanding from the volume of data generated from these systems. New Relic’s embedded machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities across its SaaS platform are a helpful approach to guiding application teams towards more focused and effective efforts in systems reliability," said Tim Grieser, program vice president, enterprise system management software, IDC.

Additional Resources and Availability

Radar continues to be rolled out to customers paying at the Pro level or higher.

NRQL Baseline Alerting is generally available for New Relic customers paying at the Pro level or higher.

Error Profiles is generally available for all paying New Relic APM customers.

New Relic will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, September 26, at 2:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 a.m. PT, Fall ‘17 New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform Updates. To register for the webinar and learn more about what's new in the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform, visit here.

Please note that events, dates, topics, and speakers are subject to change without notice.

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