New Relic Experiences Rapid Growth in Customer Adoption Across Europe, United Kingdom in Fiscal 2016

New Enterprise Leader Joins to Drive Growth AllSaints, Eurostar, News UK, Sky Betting & Gaming, notebooksbilliger.de AG, GamePix, Luisa Via Roma, and Boozt.com Deliver Engaging Digital Strategies with Data and Analytics from New Relic

London -- FutureStack16 Tour - 2016年 7月 5日

Software analytics leader New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR) announced today that leading companies across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) continue to choose the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud to help them modernize their software architectures, deliver higher quality software faster, and drive successful digital initiatives. The company’s revenue in the EMEA region increased by 64 percent year-over-year from fiscal year 2015 to 2016 and revenue from EMEA comprised 19 percent of the company’s total revenue in fiscal year 2016.

To drive New Relic’s growth and advance software analytics in the EMEA market, Bruno Teuber has joined the company as Senior Vice President of EMEA Enterprise Sales. Teuber comes to New Relic with more than 25 years of experience in building and scaling high performing organizations in EMEA and Asia regions for leading companies including Sun Microsystems, Tivoli Systems, IBM, and Lithium Technologies. As New Relic’s senior executive in EMEA, Teuber’s responsibilities include leading the company’s London and Zurich-based enterprise sales teams, help determine where to invest and drive growth, and coordinate the cross-functional team leaders based throughout the market.

“Whether it’s banking or shopping online, consumers are engaging with almost every product or service in their world through a digital experience, and the accelerating growth of digital businesses has made New Relic an essential tool to more and more companies in EMEA and around the world,” said Hilarie Koplow McAdams, president, New Relic. “Our growth in the enterprise in EMEA has been significant over the past several years, with many top brands as customers, and Bruno’s experience building software businesses make him a perfect leader to take New Relic to the next level.”

“New Relic has built an incredible brand across the globe with its world-class products. I’m excited to join and help the company build on the success we’ve had across Europe,” said Bruno Teuber, senior vice president, EMEA enterprise sales, New Relic. “Companies are investing too much into their digital experiences to not know how they are performing, what their customers are experiencing, and what the impact is on their bottom line. New Relic’s cloud-based software can help everyone in a company -- from the developer to the executives in the c-suite -- see inside their digital businesses in ways they haven’t been able to before.”

Advancing Software Analytics Throughout EMEA
Leading companies throughout the EMEA region are turning to New Relic to help them understand the performance and success of their digital business. Several of these executives will be speaking today at the company’s first global FutureStack16 event in London.

Enterprises in the United Kingdom:
"Critical for our Technical Operations is receiving real time data on both the performance of our applications and the end user experience,” said Andy Dean, technical operations manager, AllSaints. “Combining New Relic APM with New Relic Insights gives us the in-depth metrics to understand an instant view of our platform."

”It’s critical for Eurostar that we are providing a great consumer experience as travelers plan, book, and prepare for their trips across all our digital platforms. We’ve adopted agile processes and are breaking up our application architecture to Docker containers on Amazon Web Services, which enables us to focus on the delivering the features that will delight our customers, faster,” said Amit Vij, development manager, sales systems, Eurostar. “New Relic has been critical in providing our team the data to communicate seamlessly and understand how the services are performing in our new architecture. With the help of New Relic, we have confidence to push code, clearly understand how it is performing, and make good decisions based on data.”

“News UK is home to some of the biggest and most popular British newspapers. The Times and The Sunday Times are the world’s best-known quality newspapers, and The Sun remains the most read British newspaper with more than seven million readers each day. All our titles also have a strong online audience, and it’s important for us that our platforms provide the experience that our readers expect. New Relic enables us to ensure that the lights are on and that we have end-to-end visibility on our flagship digital products,” said Mehdi Ali, digital platform manager, News UK. “Operationally, News UK is very data-driven, and it’s important to us that we understand the business impact of any changes that are made. Standardising on New Relic ensures that we have the in-depth data we need to investigate potential issues and areas that we can improve.”

“Sky Bet is one of the UK's largest online betting websites, and we can see massive traffic spikes for major events like the Grand National when we serve more than 200 wagers a second. In order to scale to meet this demand, we have a dynamic, complex architecture combining in-house and third-party services," said Kevin Bowman, head of operations, Sky Betting & Gaming. “New Relic has enabled us to have a consolidated view and deep visibility into these services, enabling our teams to quickly understand what is happening with a service, determine if a change needs to be made, and its impact. The data from New Relic also allows us to better assess how we responded during an event, and plan for the future.”

Germany's most popular online computer and consumer electronics retailer:
"As an online retailer, website performance is critical for our business success. We wanted to have a complete picture of how our platform was performing," said David Patzer, COO, notebooksbilliger.de AG. "Implementing New Relic's comprehensive monitoring solutions have given us a single source of truth about the health of our platform, through end-to-end visibility of all our systems and the ability to get an understanding of the performance and customer experience from real-time data and analytics."

HTML5 game development platform, founded in Italy:
“GamePix is an alternative distribution platform helping gaming companies reach millions of players from more than 200 countries every day. To be successful in the gaming industry it is critical you deliver the best user experience possible, be fast, and scalable,“ said Edouard Wawra, CEO, GamePix. “New Relic provides us deep visibility on our entire infrastructure running on Microsoft Azure, especially critical parts, like mobile payments service and our API servers. With New Relic our team can efficiently understand a performance issue and address it quickly."

Italian luxury fashion retailer:
“New Relic is a critical tool for Luisa Via Roma, because 90 percent of our revenue comes from our online store. Beginning with New Relic APM we’ve been able to profile our .NET stack, review its design in a very deep way, and improve the code where necessary,“ said Fabio Testa, software architect, Luisa Via Roma. “New Relic has become a tool that helps our team drive business value for the company. From supporting our continuous delivery process and enabling us to keep the website up when we push a new release to helping us understand how our customers interact with our site’s user interface, New Relic provides us the data to measure the impact of changes on our customers.”

Swedish multi-brand online fashion retailer:
“Boozt.com’s infrastructure is running on dedicated, physical servers with public cloud at our disposal to handle spikes in volume. Understanding performance of our websites during peak volume allows us to be more efficient with our usage of public cloud resources,” said Aurelijus Valeiša, web development manager, Boozt Fashion. “Only New Relic gives us the level of visibility we need to understand performance, the impact of new deployments, continuously improve the speed of our site and the customer experience.”

Forward-Looking Statements
This press release contains “forward-looking” statements, as that term is defined under the federal securities laws, including but not limited to the market shift towards digital experiences and the use of software analytics, the benefits of utilizing data and software analytics (and, in particular, the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud), New Relic’s growth in the EMEA market, and the benefits of Teuber joining New Relic. The achievement or success of the matters covered by such forward-looking statements are based on New Relic’s current assumptions, expectations, and beliefs and are subject to substantial risks, uncertainties, assumptions, and changes in circumstances that may cause New Relic’s actual results, performance, or achievements to differ materially from those expressed or implied in any forward-looking statement. Furth

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