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New Relic First To Offer Real-Time Mobile APM From Network To Mobile Device User

Mobile Developers Now Have End-to-End Visibility from Backend Services to Individual Devices to Improve the End-User Experience of Native iOS and Android Applications

San Francisco -- FutureStack - 24. Oktober 2013

New Relic, Inc., the software analytics company, today announced extended capabilities for New Relic for Mobile Apps, which continues to revolutionize the mobile app industry with real-time application performance monitoring. New Relic for Mobile Apps is the first and only end-to-end mobile app monitoring solution that analyzes performance data starting at the device level, flowing through the network and extending all the way to the backend services that power these apps. With 3,700 mobile applications on 100 million devices for consumer and enterprise users, New Relic is providing the analytics needed to make data-driven decisions that ensure an optimal customer experience in mobile environments.

In other news today at New Relic’s first-ever FutureStack13 conference, New Relic announced its vision for delivering Software Analytics and the general availability of its service providing the most comprehensive and advanced code-level monitoring for the Node.js framework.

Since the company unveiled New Relic for Mobile Apps in April this year, the solution has had significant customer adoption from everyone – from large, enterprise customers to mobile app centric businesses. Mobile-focused companies, like Sony and RunKeeper, which depend on repeat app usage and performance insight for customer satisfaction, are amongst the many who have adopted the New Relic native mobile app solution. Customers will be automatically upgraded to the extended version of New Relic for Mobile Apps later in Q4.

Although critical to customer satisfaction in the fast-moving mobile industry, end-to-end application performance data from the backend to the device has been elusive until now. New Relic’s new User Interaction Traces will automatically detect and provide code-level metrics about user interactions with the app on the device, as well as the health of the associated asynchronous activities, to enable mobile app developers to optimize and achieve a flawless user experience.

New Key Features Being Introduced With New Relic for Mobile Apps:

  • User Interaction Traces - Get traces for different activities (e.g. screen loading) in a series timeline broken down by time spent at each stage, and understand exactly where you need to optimize your app by monitoring the sequence of events and identifying poor code paths
  • On-Device Metrics – Stay on top of how your app is performing at the device-level. New Relic provides insight into your app's device-level data from database, CPU and memory usage to user interface (UI) performance
  • Operating Systems – Get app performance metrics for different mobile operating systems (iOS and Android)
  • The addition of classic New Relic features inherent in our web platform:
    • Custom metrics and events
    • More insight through an ongoing commitment to instrument popular libraries and SDKs


  • The extended version of New Relic for Mobile Apps will be available for both Apple iOS and Android applications in Q4 2013.
  • If you would like to be notified when the new release is available, sign up here

Supporting Quotes

“The mobile app tool from New Relic helps us understand exactly how many users are being affected by any given issue. Once we address the problem at hand, we can see right away—within hours or even minutes—whether or not the changes worked. It takes the guesswork out of identifying and fixing issues in production.”
- Joe Bondi, Co-Founder and CTO, RunKeeper

“As mobile usage has skyrocketed, so too has the importance of the performance management of mobile applications. With its new visibility within the mobile device, New Relic for Mobile Apps is aimed at helping developers monitor the performance of the many layers of mobile applications.”
- Stephen O'Grady, Principal Analyst, RedMonk

“Mobility is changing everything, from daily lifestyles to businesses. With many users abandoning low-performing apps in a fraction of a second, the expectation on mobile is higher than ever. New Relic is committed to providing mobile developers with clean and simple visibility into their mobile applications to ensure a quality and frictionless user experience for the end-user.”
- Lew Cirne, founder and CEO, New Relic

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Über New Relic

Als führender Anbieter von Observability-Technologien unterstützt New Relic die globale Engineering-Community mit einer datenfundierten Methodik für das gesamte Software Lifecycle – von der Konzept-Phase bis zur operativen Umsetzung. In New Relic One erhalten Entwickler:innen die einzige Plattform zur Erfassung sämtlicher Telemetriedaten: Metrics, Events, Logs und Traces. Im Verbund mit umfassenden Analyse-Tools für den gesamten Stack leitet sie New Relic One in kürzester Zeit von einer grundlegenden Situationsanalyse zur genauen Problemursache. Mit dem branchenweit ersten klar planbaren verbrauchsbasierten Kostenmodell setzt New Relic auf absolute Transparenz in jeder Hinsicht und liefert der Engineering-Community so diverse Vorteile, von optimierter Cycle-Planung bis hin zu besseren Ergebnissen bei der Rate änderungsbedingter Ausfälle, der Release-Frequenzen und Lösungszeiten. Global führende Marken wie adidas Runtastic, das Amerikanische Rote Kreuz, Australia Post, Banco Inter, Chegg, Chegg, GoTo Group, Ryanair, Sainsbury’s, Signify Health, TopGolf und World Fuel Services (WFS) optimieren so ihre Uptime und Stabilität kontinuierlich und steigern über ihr Kundenerlebnis direkt ihr eigenes Innovationspotenzial und


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