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At New Relic, we are committed to open observability for all. That means observability should be on and work by default and use open standards for everyone. In addition, open observability embraces principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, and community-driven development.

We’ve open sourced our docs, Pixie, and all of our integrations, SDKs, and instrumentation agents, including New Relic Browser, to demonstrate this commitment. New Relic Browser monitoring provides real user monitoring (RUM) capabilities that help you measure the speed and performance of your site as end users enter from different web browsers, devices, operating systems, and networks. 

In our latest Nerdlog episode, Senior Product Manager Rebecca Rodriguez and Lead Software Engineer Martin Kuba further discuss our commitment to open source and showcase how to install, configure, and test the Browser agent, and submit an issue or pull request. Want to learn more about monitoring? Follow-up with log monitoring for cloud architectures.

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