San Francisco - 2020年 7月 30日

New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR), the observability platform company, today announced "New Relic Delivers Reimagined Observability Platform with Unified User Experience, and Simple, Predictable Pricing to Help Companies Create More Perfect Software."

Customers praising the reimagined New Relic One include:

“As we’ve scaled our team to meet the growing needs of the Ancestry business, we’ve implemented many observability tools, some developed in-house, some open source. Rather than continuing to develop specialized tools, we wanted to standardize on one solution without having to worry about how much data we were logging and the associated costs. New Relic One gives us an integrated, cost-effective platform to centralize our approach to observability. Standardizing on the platform has allowed our engineers to stay better informed on what is happening on other teams, breaking down silos and resolving issues faster for higher uptime.” - Nat Natarajan, EVP, Chief Product Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Ancestry

“New Relic One gives us a single pane of glass to view our infrastructure, and its support of open-source tools has been a huge plus for us. The team has also found the new UI to be super clean - it promotes a more seamless developer experience.” Chad Cook, Chief Technology Officer, Ansarada

‘New Relic One has enabled greater efficiency for our Site Reliability Engineering team. It allows us to monitor the size of our application stack more closely, making sure that we are right-sizing and keeping costs down. New Relic has been a core part of our observability strategy for over five years and helps us maintain our high levels of customer service.” - Andrew Nette, Head of Platform Engineering, Australia Post

“New Relic is a platform that can support our engineering teams and our business in the years to come. It is so vital for us to scale up our systems to serve new customers in new markets without service interruptions and with a seamless migration to serverless. These are all things that you can do only if you have a robust observability platform to support you.” - Lorenzo Moretti, Chief Technology Officer, Basecone

“The pace of software deployment makes it challenging to track the performance of all applications, understand if they are performing as expected, and deliver the quality experience we want our customers to have. New Relic One tracks every aspect of our software environment, on a single platform. We don’t have to worry about integrating multiple monitoring tools or overlooking critical components.” -- William Chewardy, Principal Lead Performance Engineer, BliBli

“Standardizing on New Relic means any engineer can jump in and start troubleshooting any incident and see a clear picture all the way through to the data layer. The full end-to-end visibility that New Relic provides is key to reducing the time it takes to detect and resolve incidents: it enables us to ensure our platform is always available to students in need.” - Steve Evans, Vice President of Engineering Services, Chegg

“At Cox Automotive, we want to instrument everything in order to understand every aspect of our architecture. New Relic’s disruptive pricing model will allow our teams to experiment with new approaches to do that without breaking the budget. New Relic truly believes in innovation and has been critical in our modernization journey.” - Chris Dillon, Vice President, Architecture & Cloud Enablement, Cox Automotive 

"Today, developers and on-call engineers use New Relic mainly to troubleshoot and resolve problems tied to applications. Custom instrumentation also allows us to give our business real-time KPIs to help them make data-driven decisions. With New Relic One we have a great opportunity to provide a single point of view for all platform related metrics, and the Telemetry Data Platform will allow us to bring together data, across all environments, from both open source and commercial data sources that we use today." - Edd Payne, Director of System Engineering, Delivery Hero

“We have a complex software architecture with many different tools in our stack. After implementing New Relic One, our team can easily visualise and troubleshoot our entire software stack in one connected experience, enhancing our ability to improve service levels.” - Steve Rothwell, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Eagle Eye 

“FINEOS has successfully employed the New Relic One observability platform that has provided our cloud operations teams the necessary insight to do deep dives into customer environments and gain clarity on root causes of performance questions. The ability to quickly triage a situation based on real time data is essential to our focus of providing a positive user experience for our customers. New Relic has also helped us onboard new customers and scale to the growing demands of our business.” - Keith O’Leary, Head of Cloud Operations, FINEOS

“One of the biggest challenges our engineering teams are facing is ensuring we can resolve issues as fast as possible so our customers are not impacted. The New Relic One observability platform gives us a simplified and unified view of our highly complex infrastructure, allowing teams to detect, understand, and resolve incidents faster than ever before.” - Lena Katz, Head of Research & Development, Gett

“New Relic One will significantly extend our ability to visualise ,connect the dots, and troubleshoot our stacks in one same platform. This will ultimately enable us to improve our customers' experience on our apps. Not only that, but the new pricing adjustments will make it easier to predict IT spend and stay within our budgets as we continue to scale.” - Pablo Garrido, SVP Technology Strategy, Letgo

“Our team has a big monitor displaying New Relic One to showcase everything that's happening on the Morningstar.com site. If there’s a blip in performance, we can tell within seconds. We’ve instilled robust monitoring practices that our teams trust so that we can move forward through a problem rather than backward. With New Relic, we can tell immediately when the ground starts to shift and act quickly.”- Zach Erdmann, Senior Software Engineer, Morningstar

“We use technology to solve problems for our customers. To ensure that our systems are performing at their best, we need full-stack observability. New Relic One’s unified UI makes it easy for us to pinpoint problems so we can fix issues before they impact our end users, and deliver a seamless customer experience.” - Gaurav Kumar, Cofounder and CPO of Okcredit

"New Relic One has enabled us to drastically reduce our response time, and has provided deeper visibility into our platform performance. Our teams feel more confident in delivering better software and providing flawless digital experiences to our customers.” - Guillaume Cavana, Chief Technology Officer, OuiCar

“At Runtastic, we depend on a lot of third-party tools in our technology stack, such as Prometheus and Grafana. New Relic’s updated capabilities to integrate with the Telemetry Data Platform at the storage layer makes a lot of sense for our team because it will allow us to see all of our data from all sources, including open source, in a simplified, holistic picture.” - Stephan Brunner, VP Platform Engineering, Runtastic (part of the adidas group)

“We have a mission to be the most customer-focused online home loan business in the market, and to realise that mission, we need to provide the best digital customer experience that we possibly can. New Relic One gives us a single source of truth for all our platform related metrics, and full end-to-end visibility so we can detect and resolve issues fast.” - Wilberto Palomar, DevSecOps and Cloud Infrastructure Lead, Uno Home Loans

New Relicについて

New Relicは、オブザーバビリティのリーダーとして、優れたソフトウェアの計画、構築、デプロイ、実行に対するデータ駆動型のアプローチでエンジニアを支援しています。New Relicは、エンジニアがあらゆるテレメトリ(メトリクス、イベント、ログ、トレース)を取得できる唯一の統合データプラットフォームを提供し、強力なフルスタック分析ツールとの組み合わせにより、エンジニアが意見ではなくデータを用いて最高の仕事をできるよう支援します。New Relicは、直感的で予測可能な価格体系を採用しています。計画サイクルタイム、変更失敗率、リリース頻度、平均解決時間の改善を支援することにより、エンジニアに高い費用対効果をもたらします。Adidas Runtastic, American Red Cross, Australia Post, Banco Inter, Chegg, GoTo Group, Ryanair, Sainsbury’s, Signify Health, TopGolf および World Fuel Services (WFS) などの世界有数の企業がNew Relicをお使いいただいています。お客様が稼働時間と信頼性を向上し、運用効率を高め、革新と成長を促す優れた顧客体験を提供する支援をしています。www.newrelic.com


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