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At New Relic, we love learning about new patterns and technologies. We also think it is important to give back by sharing our own best practices and patterns. Therefore we are rolling out a new blog series called “Expert Observability” where we will be sharing our observability best practices. We are passionate experts about the observability space and believe that observability should be incorporated into all stages of the development lifecycle. In fact, we collect over 1 million log payloads, 1 million event payloads, and 400k metric payloads of our own monitoring each minute. 

The goal of this publication is to help engineers around the world leverage observability to improve their business. We have seen that the correct monitoring and alerts can not only help reduce incident duration but it can also be used to drive and improve business outcomes. We have witnessed Service Level Indicators (SLIs) prevent incidents and reduce on-call pager load. We have tuned monitoring to drive auto-scaling and other fail-over mechanisms. We look forward to sharing these best practices and more with you.

We will be publishing one blog in the series each month which will be written by a New Relic engineer. These engineers are observability experts, using monitoring data daily in unique ways to solve problems. I encourage you to read the monthly series and bring the same best practices back to your own company.