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2023 GigaOm Radar for Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

New Relic recognized for its leading execution and value as the all-in-one platform for APM and observability.

View GigaOm’s in-depth assessments of 11 APM providers, based on specific evaluation criteria: key product capabilities, product roadmap, innovation, strength of ecosystem, and execution.

The New Relic platform earned the top position among all observability solutions for its innovation and highest overall value to customers.

Download the GigaOm observability report to learn:

  • Insights into APM and observability industry as a whole: the needs of modern dev environments, and what’s next for APM solutions
  • Detailed evaluation criteria for APM vendors, including both strengths and challenges
  • How New Relic platform innovations and value lead to our position as Leader

The [New Relic] APM module stands out with distributed tracing of application interactions, examination of log data within the context of the application under inspection, interactive service maps that are easily navigated both down and up the stack, full stack error tracking which allows examination down to the code level, change tracking, and the management of service levels.

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