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Our FutureStack user conference is coming to NYC on May 24 with inspiring customer presentations, exciting product updates, and multiple hands-on workshops. 

Come and meet Grok, our industry-first new GenAI assistant and learn about what’s new and what’s next from New Relic with exciting announcements around logs, security, infrastructure, unified APM and the developer toolchain.

You’ll hear customer stories of observability excellence from DevOps and engineering leaders at Forbes and Capital One and get to uplevel your observability game with hands-on workshops for both new and advanced users. 

So come tap into the expertise of our New Relic engineers while having a little fun at ping pong to round off the day.


9:30am: Doors open for check-in, swag, demos and breakfast

10:00am: Keynote: What’s new and what’s next from New Relic

11:20am: How Forbes ensures seamless digital customer experiences: JD Weiner, Director of DevOps

11:40am: How Capital One instruments at scale: Sean Farmer, Sr. Manager of Data Engineering and Vishesh Sharma, Sr. Manager of Software Engineering

12:00pm: Steps to achieving observability maturity and excellence

12:30pm: Lunch 

1:30pm: Hands-on workshops (choose from two tracks below)

4:00pm: Happy hour and ping pong!


Workshop Track 1: New Relic University Platform Fundamentals

In a series of practical, lab-focused modules, you’ll gain a comprehensive overview of the features and functions of the New Relic Observability Platform, to monitor and troubleshoot your full stack from client slide through to back end services and physical or cloud infrastructure.

Workshop Track 2: Advanced Troubleshooting and Remediation

Comprising two practical sessions where you’ll first get hands-on experience with instrumenting and troubleshooting a Kubernetes cluster with New Relic infrastructure monitoring. You’ll then get to grips with our new Vulnerability Management capabilities by instrumenting an application with our APM agents to view runtime Software Composition Analysis (SCA) vulnerabilities. And then verify the effects of your remediation efforts by using the automation provided by the agents.

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