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New Relic Instant Observability Ecosystem Crosses 650 Integrations

Has grown the industry's largest open-source integration ecosystem by 30% in six months to help every engineer embrace observability in minutes; expands out-of-the-box monitoring solutions for cloud services, open source tools, and enterprise technologies

SAN FRANCISCO - 21 de Junho de 2023

New Relic (NYSE: NEWR), the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, has expanded the industry’s largest open source integration ecosystem, New Relic Instant Observability to further democratize access to observability across the software stack. The company has grown its partnerships by 30% in six months, and now offers integrations with over 650 cloud services, open-source tools, and enterprise technologies. New Relic is rapidly growing its integration ecosystem to help new users monitor systems and applications faster, and allow existing users to get more value out of New Relic and centralize their monitoring. New quickstarts have been added to the catalog from popular developer tools such as Microsoft Azure, Vercel, Jenkins, and GitLabs. 


“Partnering with New Relic, and building on open standards like OpenTelemetry, significantly amplifies the capabilities for easier collection, seamless instrumentation, and comprehensive monitoring of serverless applications, including making this process easier for popular frontend frameworks like Next.js,” said Vercel Vice President of Developer Experience Lee Robinson.


According to the New Relic Observability Forecast report, most organizations expect to have robust observability practices in place by 2025; the adoption of open-source technologies, such as OpenTelemetry, is cited as one of the most common trends driving the need for observability (39%). In addition, software engineers need to go beyond just ingesting their data into their system—they also need insights on monitoring best practices. The latest integrations added to Instant Observability provide native visibility into supported cloud services and OpenTelemetry data sources with opinionated, pre-built observability views. This makes it easy for engineers to instrument tools, visualize how requests flow through their distributed systems, and understand software dependencies for ease of troubleshooting. 


“We continue to invest in the expansion of our open ecosystem and multi-cloud to help engineers grow their observability practices alongside the tools they use every day,” said New Relic Chief Product Officer Manav Khurana. “We are deepening our commitment to open standards and continuing to work with world-class tools, technologies, and cloud providers to help every engineer build a mature observability practice with New Relic.”


Key integrations include:

  • Azure services provide native visibility into cloud services and their relationship with the system. Building on the Azure Native New Relic Service, 100+ Azure quickstarts include Azure IoT Hub, Azure Data Explorer, Azure Web Apps, Azure Cognitive Services, and their related services.
  • AI and ML models, such as OpenAI GPT, that leverage open APIs to monitor application usage, reduce costs, and achieve better machine learning model performance. 
  • Front-end development platforms such as Vercel for streaming and analyzing traces from Serverless Functions with OpenTelemetry to optimize web app performance and reliability.
  • CI/CD and DevOps platforms that visualize jobs and pipeline executions as distributed traces with logs in context to pinpoint issues. Key integrations include Jenkins and GitLab.
  • Prometheus, a popular open-source Kubernetes monitoring tool for cluster performance. Notable integrations utilizing the open toolkit include CoreDNS, Etcd, Istio, and Argo.


Instant Observability is part of New Relic’s generous free pricing tier to help every engineer get started without talking to sales or providing a credit card. Additional resources:

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