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Flight Centre elevates omnichannel to one source of truth.

As Flight Centre adopted more and more modern technologies its tech stack became more complex. Flight Centre uses New Relic to optimize its end user, ominchannel experience, understand cost profiles of various vendor contracts, improve incident processes, and more.

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"Omnichannel is a really exciting strategy for Flight Centre. It's really the intersection between stores, which draw on forty years of knowledge about travel, and how we provide that same experience to our customers online and through digital channels," says Tim Dougall, CTO, Global Leisure at Flight Centre.

"As our technology architectures have gotten more complex, we've seen New Relic evolve into areas that were previously uncovered. One area that we're interested in is how logging can come in line with APM and how it can support, troubleshooting for our team," says Tim.

"Through New Relic, we can have that one consistent place to look to understand how our technology is supporting our omnichannel experience," says Tim.