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Lately, I’ve been writing about the completely free and open source New Relic One applications available on GitHub, and with one-click installation through the New Relic One Catalog. Continuing in this spirit, I’m excited to announce that today we’re expanding New Relic’s overall open source presence with the launch of New Relic Open Source.

This new site is a central resource for discovering, using, and contributing to open source projects maintained and supported by New Relic. As one of many Relics who contributes daily to these open source projects, I want to welcome you and offer three things to know about this new site.

It’s designed for you

We built this site to catalog and highlight 180-plus open source projects developed or made available by New Relic engineers. You can expect to find:

  • Data exporters
  • Instrumentation agents
  • New Relic One applications and custom visualizations
  • Example code and templates
  • CLI and tooling
  • Links to projects that we don’t host but receive our support and contributions, like OpenTelemetry.

A project page on opensource.newrelic.com includes all the code you need to get going.

Every project—over 180 in total—comes with a clear statement of purpose and the code you need to get started. And you won’t be left on your own: projects link to community support in the New Relic Explorers Hub.

We’ve optimized New Relic Open Source for all device types.

It’s open source

And of course, New Relic Open Source itself is an open source project. The code is freely available on GitHub under the Apache 2 license, and it’s also available directly from the website (very meta). We’re proud to have built the site using open tools and platforms like Gatsby, MDX, and the GitHub GraphQL API.

Every page invites you to offer an issue or contribute a change through a simple pull request—and we hope you will.

As a fully open source project, we welcome edits to opensource.newrelic.com.

It’s an invitation

We’re passionate about open source software, and we’re just getting started.

New Relic has been a key contributor to open standards, open instrumentation, and open collaboration, and we don’t plan on stopping. We created New Relic Open Source as an invitation to the open source community to engage with us in the pursuit of a global mission that affects us all.

The world runs on software, and we need a more perfect internet as we passionately pursue a better world. No one company can do this alone. We’re all on this journey together, and at New Relic, we believe that journey begins with open source.

Through the Developer Edition, we’re providing free access to our platform and tools. With the addition of New Relic Open Source, we hope to engage thousands of other engineers doing the same exciting, important work that keeps us all loving our Mondays.

We hope you’ll find value in the projects we’re shipping every week and that you’ll contribute, so we can make them better—together.

Visit New Relic Open Source and start contributing today.