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Are you looking for a resolution to kick-start the new year with some positive momentum? Although adopting a growth mindset isn’t always easy, this list of resolutions can inspire you to learn some new skills, improve the way you work, and potentially help you positively impact the bottom line for your company. 

1. Optimize your workflow with Codestream. 

With remote work and video calls becoming the new normal, optimizing your time is more important than ever. This extension to your IDE gives you a ton of ways to collaborate with colleagues easily, integrates with your existing workplace tools (Slack, Microsoft Teams), and even offers live debugging from your code editor. Looking for more ways Codestream can help you out in 2022? Read about these nine different ways to apply Codestream here. 

2. Prevent and fix problems with RUM and synthetic monitoring. 

Did you run into problems over the holiday season with slow loading pages or other poor website performance? Now’s a great time to improve customer experience by combining Real User Monitoring (RUM) and synthetic monitors. Using both in tandem, you can collect information from your users and test the health of critical endpoints or user flows to get end-to-end observability. New Relic’s no-code synthetic monitoring tool can be quickly set up with instructions in this blog. Check out this NerdByte video on visualizations you can use with synthetic monitors. 

3. Harness the power of machine learning with AIOps.

Relatively new to the DevOps scene, AIOps is the application of data science and machine learning (ML) to IT operations so you can improve MTTD (mean time to detection) and MTTR (mean time to resolution). New Relic’s Applied Intelligence capability within New Relic One can help with anomaly detection, correlation grouping of events and alerts, and root cause analysis with ML-driven suggestions for remediation. New Relic supports AIOps for all, which means features related to AIOps are free with your account. Visit the Alerts & AI tab in the upper navigation of New Relic One to enhance your observability further. Learn how to get started with AIOps in this blog post or check out this comprehensive eBook on how to prepare for AIOps in four steps. 

4. Unlock the value of your data quickly with New Relic Instant Observability quickstarts. 

These pre-built bundles of instrumentation, integrations, dashboards, and alerts work with popular cloud services, tools, and open standards. Learn about key quickstarts from our library of more than 425 quickstarts in this blog post. 

5. Get notified and triage errors faster with Slack and APM integration with Errors Inbox.

If you missed the announcement about Errors Inbox or haven’t had time to try these, check them out. You can triage grouped errors right in New Relic One’s APM UI and set up notifications that go straight to Slack. Errors Inbox helps you collaborate better with your teammates and you can set it up in minutes. 

Bonus resolution: Look into better pricing possibilities

If you haven’t adopted New Relic yet, the data speaks for itself—New Relic’s pricing performs well against competitors. Before you commit to anything, try it for yourself by signing up for a free (forever!) account that includes all the capabilities described in this blog. Kick the tires and experiment. 

Want more resolutions ideas? Be sure to read a summary of New Relic’s top blogs of 2021 to learn all about other avenues you might want to pursue in 2021 as a DevOps team.