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Serko makes corporate travel go.

Having provided services to the travel industry for over 20 years, Serko's technology has evolved significantly, as has its use of observability. Serko's partnership with New Relic has seen it implement SLOs across its system while creating greater visibility into each stage of its funnel to drive conversions.


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"We have SLOs on most parts of our system, and those workloads are set around core customer flows through the product. So we have that proactive ability to see what's impacting customer flows through the system and to address it in advance," says Craig McGuff, senior engineering manager at Serko.

"When you move to more of a proactive stance, people are looking in advance. They're seeing problems, they are fixing things before they happen, which ultimately frees up time for engineers to be more productive in other ways," says Craig.

"We can see at a glance - something's happening that is impacting search for example, and we can dig into that and see, is it an underlying infrastructure problem? Is it something else that's going on? It gives us total visibility into what's happening at each stage of our funnel, and that ultimately drives conversions," says Craig.