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We're thrilled to be recognized by GigaOm as a Leader in this year’s Radar for Application Performance Management (APM) report!

Since introducing our flagship APM tool in 2008, marking the launch of a new industry, our product has grown far beyond APM for Ruby on Rails to an all-in-one observability platform for every engineer—offering full-stack observability with over 30 monitoring capabilities and 700 integrations in one, unified platform. Our evolution is tied to our practice of focusing everything we do around creating value for our customers as they navigate the complexities of modern dynamic digital environments; helping customers like Forbes, AB InBev, and Bigbasket get ahead of issues, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and help their companies thrive

The [New Relic] APM module stands out with distributed tracing of application interactions, examination of log data within the context of the application under inspection, interactive service maps that are easily navigated both down and up the stack, full stack error tracking which allows examination down to the code level, change tracking, and the management of service levels.

Rising to today’s challenges

Today’s distributed environments burden engineers with correlating signals for countless dependencies and across numerous disparate sources. The ever–expanding scope of responsibilities required to achieve full-stack observability—including customer experience monitoring/DEM (frontend), services monitoring, log management, environment monitoring (backend), and security monitoring—compound this complexity. Teams are being asked to shift from a reactive incident response to proactive monitoring approach, and need a unified source of truth to monitor application performance, understand upstream and downstream trends, and prevent issues before they impact end-users or business outcomes.

New Relic has proven to be that unified source of truth for DevOps and ITOps teams. Our consolidated platform provides an edge to understanding the critical interdependencies between application, infrastructure, network performance and security without switching screens or correlating data across disparate tools. With full-stack instrumentation, customers get all-in-one visibility that yields tangible outcomes; for OuiCar, 10 different issues were identified one day after installing the agent, and response times improved by 40% on the backend. 

Over the last year, we’ve developed new experiences that leverage this deeply integrated architecture to bring more insights from across capabilities into cohesive, actionable workflows: 

  • New Relic APM 360 provides a unified, full-stack view of system health with at-a-glance views of app performance, user and business metrics, as well as recommendations to help eliminate monitoring gaps. 
  • Our connected APM plus infrastructure experience correlates signals across hosts and services, embeds performance data in the APM and infrastructure monitoring UIs, and creates opinionated workflows for optimized triaging and troubleshooting.

Powered by the New Relic platform, these experiences provide engineering teams with relevant context from across the stack for improved collaboration, accelerated issue remediation, and a more proactive approach to full-stack observability for more resilient, more innovative software development.

Leading through value

Our distinguished placement at the center of GigaOm's radar of four axes (Innovation, Maturity, Feature Play, and Platform Play) stands as a testament to our relentless dedication to serving the DevOps and ITOps community, who are at the forefront of today's complex application environment. GigaOm's report underscores New Relic's commitment to delivering unparalleled value to its customers emphasizing our concentration on affordability, scalability, and user-friendliness.

  • New Relic’s consumption-based pricing offers value that scales as customers grow their observability practice, and all-in-one platform offers access to 30+ capabilities so that customers can monitor, debug, and troubleshoot their entire application stack without having to navigate a sea of additional SKUs.
  • Our cloud-based architecture offers low-effort scalability, and our New Relic Super Agent initiative is making it even easier for customers to take total control of their data by simplifying their agent footprint with a single agent for telemetry data collection.
  • We offer the industry’s largest open-source integration ecosystem, with quickstart integrations for over 700 cloud services, technologies, and frameworks. These out-of-the-box observability resources provide guided instrumentation and pre-configured dashboards and alerts designed to reduce time to value, providing engineers with best practices to start monitoring their technology stacks faster.

Innovating for what’s next

As today’s digital environments demand more from DevOps teams, we’re committed to product innovation that anticipates the needs of the engineering community to help them reduce time diagnosing and resolving issues, and deliver higher-performing software. We recognize the transformative role of Generative AI in the observability industry, and were the first observability provider to enable customers to monitor their OpenAI GPT application usage, as well as the first to launch a generative AI assistant for observability: New Relic AI

New Relic AI uses Generative AI to harness the power of our consolidated platform, leveraging insights from 30+ correlated capabilities under one roof to approach problems from myriad angles. By combining OpenAI’s large language models (LLMs) with the depth and breadth of the New Relic platform, we're able to move beyond heuristics and perform critical reasoning for end users; revolutionizing the way observability insights can be used to inform business decisions across an entire organization. Now in preview, New Relic AI is actively becoming more integrated with more tools and capabilities so that customers can surface deep insights anywhere in New Relic using plain language and a user-friendly interface.

We're grateful for the trust of the engineering community and look forward to our continued partnership as their observability provider in the years to come.