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New Relic Makes Industry-Leading Instrumentation Available via Open Source

New Relic commits to open source instrumentation, integrations, and SDKs, and aligns future offerings with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation OpenTelemetry standard

San Francisco - 22 juillet 2020

New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR), the industry’s largest and most comprehensive cloud-based observability platform built to help customers create more perfect software, today announced that it is making the company’s agents, integrations, and SDKs available under an open source license. In addition, New Relic is standardizing its future observability offerings on OpenTelemetry, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project, an emerging standard for software instrumentation. New Relic’s support for open source instrumentation and standards will make it easier for software engineers to instrument everything and better understand their digital systems. New Relic’s comprehensive array of agents, integrations, and SDKs are the product of hundreds of thousands of engineering hours and already benefit hundreds of thousands of engineers who count on New Relic every day. With this announcement, the entire development community can benefit from transparency around this ongoing innovation.

“New Relic is committed to open standards, open source instrumentation, and the open communities that support them,” said Bill Staples, chief product officer, New Relic. “The future of instrumentation is open. That’s why we’re taking our significant investments in instrumentation agents and integrations, offering them to the open source community, and committing our engineers to support OpenTelemetry. We want to make it easier for software engineers to instrument everything across their environment, gather complete telemetry, and understand the performance of their digital systems.”

New Relic’s commitment to open instrumentation 

  • New Relic is opening its agents, integrations, SDKs, CLIs, and the custom visualizations in the New Relic One catalog under an open source license. This will make it easier for engineers to access the company’s turnkey instrumentation, and it will give advanced New Relic users a foundation to build their own custom instrumentation.
  • New Relic is standardizing its future products with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF) OpenTelemetry standard. The company is investing code, expertise, and financial resources in support of open standards.

Today’s announcement continues New Relic’s partnership with the open source community. The company is currently a CNCF Silver member as well as being one of the top 5 contributors to their OpenTelemetry project. New Relic also contributes to the W3C Distributed Tracing Working Group, helping to define standards for interoperability between tracing tools.

Comments on the news:

"Bestow is focused on delivering amazing experiences for our customers and New Relic is an important partner to provide us observability,” said Chris Bartels, Engineering Manager, Bestow. “To be able to jump in and contribute to their open source projects and get help from their team will be hugely helpful for my team and show that we have a great partnership with New Relic." 

“The software industry has shifted to a model where low-level software is created using open source licensing and collaboration with a diverse community of contributors, which is then used as the foundation for innovative and differentiating solutions. New Relic’s decision to embrace OpenTelemetry, and in parallel open sourcing its own agent and development tooling, is an affirmation of this trend and constitutes a proactive shift on the part of the company to stay in sync with evolving customer expectations,” said Al Gillen, GVP, Software Development and Open Source, IDC. “Research conducted by IDC finds that 18% of U.S. end-user organizations already share some of their software as open source, while 53% hope to do so in the future.”

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