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Koneksa fuels medical research with observability

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Koneksa runs on New Relic to observe and seamlessly manage a complex infrastructure, and empower developers with real-time data. With New Relic, the Koneksa engineering team can manage 20 million APM transactions a day with a snap of a finger. In addition, the team has greater visibility into how services are interacting with each other, using APM, logs, alerts, distributed tracing, and more to speed up troubleshooting and workflows.

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"During an incident when an engineer has to figure out what's going on and they have multiple tools, there's a high cognitive load that we're making them do. They're having to understand not only the systems they're trying to debug, but how the systems that tell us about the systems interact with one another. They're having to correlate information. They're having to take a look at multiple screens and say something as simple as, are these all on the right time zone? Are we looking at the same information? That place is a high burden on a person. And most incidents aren't taking place when you're at your best," says Andrew Proksel. Director of Site Reliability Engineering at BlackLine.

"When we first installed New Relic, we were able to consolidate a lot of information that was sprawled across multiple tools," says Cody Chandler. Senior Director of Cloud Engineering at BlackLine. "From there we were able to go through and with a single agent installation notice things that were falling between the cracks that allowed us to alleviate pressure before it was ever felt by any of the clients."

"New Relic gave us a very easy model to follow. It's Xs and O's, we know exactly what we're gonna get charged, and we have dashboards that are already built in that tell us exactly what our trend is and what our future spend is projected to be. When you do strict ingestion and users, it's very simple and it's easy for our finance company or our finance department to follow. And it's easy for our procurement teams to negotiate," says Michael Cook. Director of Observability and Service Management at BlackLine.

New Relic is making my life easier because it's provided a place for engineers to come and collaborate without the kicking and screaming. We're able to get engineers excited to sign in, get them excited to instrument their services and get them excited to check on them whenever they need to.