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Woman at computer with stylized visualizations of observability surrounding her.

New Relic has evolved in nearly every way over the last several years. From launching our all-in-one observability platform for all, to our industry-leading shift to a consumption business model, usage-based pricing, and go-to-market strategy, we’ve aligned our entire business around our customers and their success.

And while the New Relic brand served us well over our first fourteen years, it’s the one area of our business that didn’t evolve with the rest of our company. It doesn’t reflect the modern, sophisticated, innovative, and industry-leading company we are today.

FutureStack 2022 marks the debut of our new brand—complete with a new look and feel, voice and tone, tagline, logo, colors, and website reflecting our intense focus on the success of our customers: software engineers.

Our mission is to help every engineer do their best work every day by using data—not opinions—at every stage of the software lifecycle. At our core, New Relic delivers data for engineers to help them better plan, build, deploy, and run the great software that powers amazing digital experiences for their customers, employees, and partners. 

In providing engineers access to all of their telemetry—metrics, events, logs, and traces—in a single, unified data platform paired with powerful full-stack analysis tools, we help software engineers and developers fill in the gaps, confirm the guesses and assumptions, and overcome the opinions that often get in the way of doing their work. 

Our new tagline is both simple and practical, making it very powerful in communicating the unique value we deliver to our customers:

Data for Engineers, New Relic brand statement

Like our new tagline above, Data for Engineers, our new logo reinforces our engineer-first approach. The three major engineering teams—developers, security, and operations—are represented by the three brackets or braces (a nod to coding) that form a hexagon. That’s because New Relic is where dev, sec, and ops will come together, providing the data and insights they need to collaborate and solve challenges together for their customers.

The hexagon pulls from the data visualizations inside the New Relic observability platform, but with one side flipped over. That’s a nod to the magical aha moments and deep insights that software engineers tell us they experience every day when using New Relic across their tech stack.

Rebranded New Relic logo

Finally, green dominates because in the world of software engineering, green means "all systems go," the state when everything is up and running smoothly, and engineers are able to stay in the flow—which is what we help engineers and developers achieve with data-driven insights from the New Relic observability platform.

Person at computer surrounded by stylized visualizations of observability.

Speaking of flow, we’ll let you get back to yours. Rather than describe more of the new brand here, we’ll let you experience it for yourself. We hope you like what you see—and more importantly—benefit from what you do with New Relic.

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