What We Monitor

Cloud Services Monitoring

Monitor the health and any recent changes affecting many popular cloud services. Use pre-configured dashboards for each service with the ability to create dynamic alerting. You get fast and easy deployment, service integrations with context, inventory, and controls, and integrations with 100+ services.

On-host Integrations

On-host integrations allow you to send data from popular products and services directly to New Relic.

See our full list of on-host integrations.

Advanced Kubernetes Monitoring

New Relic monitoring capabilities for Kubernetes provide customers with the ability to troubleshoot across their Kubernetes environment's totality—both application-related and infrastructure-related. New Relic's Kubernetes cluster explorer lets you explore your cluster performance in a multi-dimensional view, including the observability elements of metrics, events, logs, and traces.

In doing so, New Relic provides customers with quick resolutions, more consistency, better performance, and ultimately the ability to contain the complexity of running Kubernetes, particularly at scale.

Open Data Collection

New Relic Infrastructure easily integrates with open-source telemetry frameworks such as Prometheus, StatsD, and JMX. You can also monitor your custom components and services by building your custom integrations with our SDKs or send data directly to our APIs.

Applications in the Context of Your Infrastructure

Correlate Infrastructure Metrics to Applications

Bring application and infrastructure data together to help you deploy and manage stable applications. Correlate your application metrics (throughput, error rate, response time) with your host metrics, and change events to get a holistic view of your entire stack and the interdependencies.


All of your data is available to you for analysis. Create actionable Dashboards for full-stack visibility.

Instantly pin a chart from Infrastructure into a Dashboard or run detailed queries to build a customized single pane of glass for a critical service or cluster.

Dynamic Alerting

Use tags and custom metadata to scale your critical alerts dynamically as hosts change.

Create New Relic Alerts based on attributes that dynamically associate with hosts in your ever-changing infrastructure, freeing you from reconfiguring alerts every time you change the hosts in your environments.

Modern Monitoring

Cloud Native

Dissect your host (AWS EC2, Azure VMs, or Google Compute Engine) metadata to find the information you need to act quickly. Our agent automatically imports all metadata and tags to monitor instances in the same dynamic nature as the hosts in your data center.

Automated Deployments

Leverage out-of-the-box support for modern automation tools like Ansible, Puppet, and Chef to quickly and easily deploy the New Relic agent.

Docker Container Monitoring

Quickly see all running containers and drill down by host, container, or custom tags to understand performance and deployment.

Visibility Into Dynamic Infra

Slice and Dice Your Hosts with Filter Sets

Filter Sets are groups of entities that you can view and investigate together. Group them according to how you see your work. For example, if you're responsible for all Windows servers that host "Application X" or are accountable for a specific application and need to manage the underlying infrastructure, leverage Filter Sets to focus on your work.

Real-time, Searchable Inventory

Our powerful search tool allows you to find vulnerable packages and other inventory items quickly, so you know what's installed where at all times.

New Relic Infrastructure's Inventory feature allows you to paint a precise picture of installations across your entire infrastructure. It's easy to find an outdated package within seconds, along with a complete list of the hosts where it's installed.

Live-state Change and Event Tracking

See every change to your infrastructure. Diagnose root cause with a live event feed that includes changes to hosts, services, processes, config files, kernel settings, etc. Narrow down to a specific time-frame, then expand the events for a detailed description of what’s changed.

Server Monitoring

Host Health Metrics in Real-time

Get full visibility into how your hosts are performing. Collect and display health metrics such as CPU, load, and memory at the host level and individual process, network, and storage level. Apply filters based on tags, metadata, including custom attributes that allow you to slice-and-dice into a subset of the infrastructure and view metrics for those as well.

  • Processes: View CPU performance across your systems, create CPU-based alerts, and discover which of your hosts have high or low loads.
  • Network: View network load across your systems, compare load balances, and view your most common network errors.
  • Storage: View disk usage across your systems, set disk-based alerts, and plan future storage capacity.

Metrics and Events Correlation

Decrease MTTR by instantly correlating both real-time health metrics and events such as deployments, configuration changes, and more, so you always know what changed and its impact on the performance of your system, services, and applications.

Logs in Context

Forward your server logs to New Relic Logs using the Infrastructure agent’s lightweight data collector. Now, all of your logging data is available in one centralized location, providing deeper visibility into application and platform performance data.

Near Real-time Data

New Relic securely collects and displays your data every five seconds, so you always have a near real-time view of your entire estate.